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aircraft design and construction
Industry aircraft
Fate ceased activities
Successor Avions Mauboussin
Founded 1928
Defunct 1932
Headquarters France

Peyret-Mauboussin was a French aircraft manufacturer of the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Formation and cessation of activities[edit]

The firm was formed by Louis Peyret and Pierre Mauboussin in 1928 with the aim of designing and constructing a series of light sporting civil aircraft. Three types of single-engined aircraft were produced before Mauboussin left the firm in 1932 in order to form his own company.

Aircraft types produced[edit]

The P-M XI No.02 stored in 1957. This aircraft flew from Paris to Tananarive, Madagascar, in December 1931
Peyret-Mauboussin PM X
single-seat high-wing monoplane (1 built in 1928)
Peyret-Mauboussin PM XI
two-seat high-wing monoplane (2 built in 1931)
Peyret-Mauboussin PM XII
two-seat low-wing monoplane (1 built in 1931) (The Mauboussin M.120 was developed from this design).

Preserved aircraft[edit]

The second Peyret-Mauboussin PM XI F-AJUL is preserved in the Musee Castel-Mauboussin at Cuers-Pierrefeu airfield near Toulon and can be viewed by prior arrangement.[1] This light aircraft had been flown by Rene Lefevre from Paris to Tananarive, Madagascar in December 1931, taking 14 days for the journey.


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