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In Greek mythology, Phaedra is the daughter of Minos and Pasiphaë. She is also the wife of Theseus, the sister of Ariadne, and the mother of Demophon and Acamas.

Phaedra may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Phaedra (film), a 1962 film by Jules Dassin based on the Phaedra myth
  • Phaedra Cinema, a distributor of films in the USA of the late 20th century



  • Hippolytus (play), a play by Euripides based on the Phaedra myth
  • Phaedra (Seneca) (sometimes known as Hippolytus), a play by Seneca the Younger based on the Phaedra myth and on Euripides' play Hippolytus
  • Phèdre, a dramatic tragedy by Jean Racine first performed in 1677
  • Phaedra's Love, a modern adaptation of Seneca's Phaedra by British playwright Sarah Kane first performed in 1996
  • Phaedra (1962), English translation of Racine's work by Robert Lowell
  • Phaedra Britannica (1975), Tony Harrison's version of Racine's work set in the British Raj




  • PHAIDRA (German spelling of Phaedra) is the acronym for Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets, the long-term archive of the University of Vienna

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