Prai people

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Total population
Regions with significant populations
Laos, Thailand
Phai; Lao and/or Thai as second languages
Animism, Theravada Buddhism
Related ethnic groups

The Phai are an ethnic group in Thailand and Laos. They are one of two sub-groups of the Lua people (the other one being the Mal).[1]

Name Variation[edit]

The Phai are also commonly referred to as Prai, Phay, Thung Chan Pray, Kha Phay,[2] and Pray.[3] In Laos they are also referred to as Htin.[4]


The Phai speak a language also called Phai, which belongs to the Khmuic branch of Austroasiatic languages[2] There are several dialects called Phai, that are sometimes hardly mutually intelligible.

Geographic Distribution[edit]

There are also dozens of Prai villages in Thailand.[5][better source needed]


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