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Phalombe is located in Malawi
Location in Malawi
Coordinates: 15°48′S 35°39′E / 15.800°S 35.650°E / -15.800; 35.650
Country  Malawi
Region Southern Region
District Mulanje District
Elevation 2,484 ft (757 m)
Population (2013)
 • Total 6,126
Time zone +2
Climate Cwa

Phalombe is a town approx. 40 km northeast of Mulanje in southern Malawi.

It is situated below the Fort Lister Gap between the two larger parts of the Mulanje Massif. Due to this location it is vulnerable for flash floods, which can easily occur during the rainy season. The most devastating one in recent history occurred in 1991, which left Phalombe with a 2-3 m high mud layer and killed hundreds of people. On this spot a monument was erected to remember the named and unnamed victims. Five km from the village is a Catholic mission consisting of a Catholic church and the Holy Family Hospital. The hospital is run by locals in association with the Dutch charity Memisa and is staffed by local clinical officers as well as Dutch tropical doctors. A large nursing school is attached to the hospital.

The road from Mulanje to Phalombe is currently being upgraded and surfaced.


Year Population[1]
1998 2 592
2008 3 058


Coordinates: 15°48′S 35°39′E / 15.800°S 35.650°E / -15.800; 35.650