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Bana, Pana
Native toLaos, China
Native speakers
(350 cited 1995 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3phq

Phanaʼ (autonym: pa˥na˧;[3] also called Bana or Pana) is a Loloish language of Laos and China. Phanaʼ is spoken by 500 people in Laos. In China, it is spoken in Mengla County, Yunnan Province (Bradley 2007). It is closely related to Sila, which is spoken by 2,000 people in Laos and Vietnam (Bradley 1997). Badenoch reports that it is similar to vɛ˧ɲɯ˧ (Ban Ban Sida).[3]

Phanaʼ is spoken in three villages in Laos (Ethnologue).

Bradley (2007) reports a population of about 1,000 for Phanaʼ.[4]

Lefèvre-Pontalis (1892)[5] reports the presence of Phanaʼ in Poufang, Lai Chau province, Vietnam, and provides a word list for Phanaʼ as well.


Phanaʼ (Bana) numerals are as follows.[3]

  1. tʰɯ˨˩
  2. ŋɛ˨˩
  3. sy˥
  4. li˨˩
  5. ŋɔ˨˩
  6. kʰʲõ˨˩
  7. ɕĩ˨˩
  8. ɛ̃˨˩
  9. kø˨˩
  10. tsʰɤ˥


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