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Phanigiri is a Buddhist site in Suryapet district, Telangana. It dates back to the 1st Century BCE.


Phanigiri is a village in Suryapet district, Telangana. Its one of the most popular Buddhist site in the country, Phanigiri is situated about 52 km from Nalgonda town. The place consists of a Buddhist complex which is adorned with a massive stupa along with two apsidal halls with stupas in it.

Two large footprints in the complex are believed to belong to Gautama Buddha. The place also houses three viharas which were once served as the dwelling for the Buddhist monks. Previously the name of the village is Dharmachakrapuram but later it is changed to Phanigir. The name is derived from two words which represent the shape of the hill (phani=snake, giri=hill).


Antiquities have been stolen from here. It maintained by the State Department of Archaeology and Museums.



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