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Phantasies is the name of a series of animated cartoons produced by the Screen Gems studio for Columbia Pictures from 1939 to 1946. The series, featuring characters such as Willoughby Wren and Superkatt, is notable as being the last theatrical animated series produced in black-and-white. Columbia did not move the Phantasies out of black-and-white until the end of 1946, when it went to all-Cinecolor production.[1]


Title Release date Director Character(s) Notes
The Mouse Exterminator 1940 Ben Harrison and Manny Gould Krazy Kat The final theatrical Krazy Kat cartoon
Man of Tin 1940 (unknown)
Fish Follies 1940 (unknown)
News Oddities 1940 (unknown)
School Boy Dreams 1940 (unknown)
Happy Holidays 1940 (unknown)
The Little Theater 1941 (unknown)
There's Music in Your Hair 1941 (unknown)
The Wallflower 1941 (unknown)
The Cute Recruit 1941 Arthur Davis (uncredited)
Dog Meets Dog 1942 Alec Geiss Butch Bulldog
The Wild and Woozy West 1942 Lou Lilly and Allen Rose
A Battle for a Bottle 1942 Alec Geiss
The Gullible Canary 1942 Alec Geiss
The Dumbconscious Mind 1942 John Hubley and Paul Sommer
Malice in Slumberland 1942 Alec Geiss
Cholly Polly 1942 Alec Geiss
The Vitamin G-Man 1943 John Hubley and Paul Sommer
Kindly Scram 1943 Alec Geiss
Willoughby's Magic Hat 1943 Bob Wickersham Willoughby Wren
Duty and the Beast 1943 Alec Geiss
Mass Mouse Meeting 1943 Alec Geiss
The Fly in the Ointment 1943 Paul Sommer
Dizzy Newsreel 1943 Alec Geiss
Nursery Crimes 1943 Alec Geiss Professor J. Snuffington Snodgrass
The Cocky Bantam 1943 Paul Sommer
The Playful Pest 1943 Paul Sommer
Polly Wants a Doctor 1944 Howard Swift
Magic Strength 1944 Bob Wickersham
Lionel Lion 1944 Paul Sommer
Giddy-Yapping 1944 Howard Swift
Tangled Travels 1944 Alec Geiss
Mr. Fore by Fore 1944 Howard Swift
The Case of the Screaming Bishop 1944 Howard Swift
Mutt 'n' Bones 1944 Paul Sommer
As the Fly Flies 1944 Howard Swift
Goofy News Views 1945 Sid Marcus
Booby Socks 1945 Howard Swift and Bob Wickersham
Simple Siren 1945 Paul Sommer
Snap Happy Traps 1946 Bob Wickersham
The Schooner the Better 1946 Howard Swift Last black-and-white cartoon from a major cartoon studio
Fowl Brawl[2] 1947 Howard Swift Produced in Cinecolor
Uncultured Vulture 1947 Bob Wickersham Produced in Cinecolor
Leave Us Chase It 1947 Howard Swift Superkatt Produced in Cinecolor
Wacky Quacky 1947 Alex Lovy Produced in Cinecolor
Tooth or Consequences 1947 Howard Swift Produced in Cinecolor
Kitty Caddy 1947 Sid Marcus Produced in Cinecolor
Topsy Turkey 1948 Sid Marcus Produced in Cinecolor
Short Snorts on Sports 1948 Alex Lovy Produced in Cinecolor
The Coo-Coo Bird Dog 1949 Sid Marcus Produced in Cinecolor

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