Phantom Lake

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For the lake in South Dakota, see Phantom Lake (South Dakota).
Phantom Lake
Location Bellevue, Washington
Coordinates 47°35′36″N 122°07′30″W / 47.59333°N 122.12500°W / 47.59333; -122.12500 (Phantom Lake)Coordinates: 47°35′36″N 122°07′30″W / 47.59333°N 122.12500°W / 47.59333; -122.12500 (Phantom Lake)
Basin countries United States

Phantom Lake is a small lake inside the city limits of Bellevue, Washington. A 2.6 mile long pedestrian trail circles the lake, and according to Bellevue city government, the city's oldest and largest trees can be seen there.[1]

Historically, Phantom Lake once drained to the north through the Kelsey Creek basin. Nineteenth-century farmer Henry Thode redirected the Phantom Lake outlet to Lake Sammamish, creating Weowna Creek in the process.[2]


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