Phantom Train (album)

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Phantom Train
Phantom Train album cover.jpg
Studio album by The Marshall Pass
Released December 2012
Recorded 2012
Genre Indie Folk
Length 23:00
Producer Duncan Arsenault

Phantom Train is the first studio album by the band The Marshall Pass, released on December 4, 2012.

The Marshall Pass began as a project of Duncan Arsenault's in the Winter of 2012. The songs that would become Abilene and Stranded In Perdition were written for his band Pistol Whipped. That April, the singer and guitarist of Pistol Whipped, Scott Ricciuti, died in a tragic car accident.[1] Shortly after Scott's death, Craig Rawding began collaborating on the music that Duncan had been writing.[2]

A demo version of the song Boot Hill Bound was used in the fundraising campaign video for the film American Mongrel.[3]

The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Duncan Arsenault and was mastered by Paul Dagnello. The artwork and photography for the album was done by Duncan Arsenault. [4]

The name of the band and album refers to the folk story of the Phantom Train on the Marshall Pass in Colorado.[5][6]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Abilene"
  2. "Blue and Gray"
  3. "Boot Hill Bound"
  4. "California Blue"
  5. "Default Line"
  6. "Stranded In Perdition"
  7. "Redemption Hill"


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