Phaq'u Kiwuta

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Phaq'u Kiwuta
Phaq'u Kiwuta is located in Bolivia
Phaq'u Kiwuta
Phaq'u Kiwuta
Location in Bolivia
Highest point
Elevation5,589 m (18,337 ft) [1]
Coordinates16°5′17″S 68°20′44″W / 16.08806°S 68.34556°W / -16.08806; -68.34556Coordinates: 16°5′17″S 68°20′44″W / 16.08806°S 68.34556°W / -16.08806; -68.34556
La Paz Department, Los Andes Province, Batallas Municipality
Parent rangeAndes, Cordillera Real
First ascent1-?(cairn found): N.W. face-1971.[2]

Phaq'u Kiwuta (Aymara phaq'u, paqu, p'aqu light brown, reddish, blond, dark chestnut, kiwu canine tooth or tusk,[3][4] -ta a suffix, other spellings Pacokeuta, Paco Keuta, Pakokiuta, Pakokiwuta) is a mountain in the Andes, about 5,589 m (18,337 ft) high. It is located in the Cordillera Real of Bolivia in the La Paz Department, Los Andes Province, Batallas Municipality, Kirani Canton.[1][5] It is situated south-west of the mountain Wila Lluxi, south-east of Warawarani and north of a lake named Quta Thiya in some maps. Other prominent mountains nearby are Jisk'a Pata and Janq'u Uyu in the north, and Wila Lluxita and Mullu Apachita in the north-east, all of them higher than 5,000 m.

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