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Industry anti-counterfeiting
Founded 2007
Headquarters Lebanon, New Hampshire, U.S.
Number of employees

PharmaSecure is a U.S.-based software and technology company that works to improve global public health using mobile phone technology.


PharmaSecure was founded by Nathan Sigworth and N. Taylor Thompson in 2007. The company was started to address the problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. The original technology provided consumers with the opportunity to verify that their medicines are authentic by using a unique identifier on the package and a cell phone.[1]

PharmaSecure now provides security for over 1.2 billion packages around the world[2] and connects patients to healthcare services based on the medicines they are taking.

In July 2012, PharmaSecure became the first company to partner with the INTERPOL Global Register.[3]

Company Profile[edit]

The company is currently headquartered in Lebanon, New Hampshire, with a subsidiary operation in India,[4] and is funded through private investment.[5][6]

Products and Services[edit]

PharmaSecure has four main products: psID™, psVerify™, psConnect™, and psResearch™.[7]

  1. psID™ -- The psID™ platform is a code generation system that allows pharmaceutical producers to apply unique codes to their product packaging.[8]
  2. psVerify™ -- PharmaSecure’s “flagship product,” psVerify™, allows for the verification of pharmaceuticals via SMS, website, phone call, or mobile web application.[9]
  3. psConnect™ -- PharmaSecure’s mHealth platform connects patients with healthcare services, such as medicine refill reminders or talking to wellness advisers.[10]
  4. psResearch™ -- This product allows for companies engaging with psVerify™ to conduct studies on subjects such as product use and patient behavior.[11]


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