Pharmakoi/Distance-Crunching Honchos with Echo Units

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Pharmakoi/Distance-Crunching Honchos with Echo Units
The Church - Pharmakoi.jpg
Studio album by The Refo:mation
Released 1997
Recorded 1997
Genre Alternative rock, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock, dream pop
Length 61:15
Label Phantom Records
Producer The Refo:mation
The Refo:mation chronology
Magician Among the Spirits
Pharmakoi/Distance-Crunching Honchos with Echo Units
Hologram of Baal

"The Refo:mation" was a de facto reunion of the Australian psychedelic rock band The Church with their original guitarist Peter Koppes, but without other guitarist Marty Willson-Piper.

Koppes had left the band in 1992 but had played as a guest on their 1996 album Magician Among the Spirits. Following that album's commercial failure however, the members of The Church had turned their attention to other projects and Willson-Piper had left Australia in order to collaborate with other artists and write new solo material.

In his absence, singer/bassist Steve Kilbey, drummer Tim Powles and the returning Koppes spent some studio time together and quickly wrote and recorded an album. Loose in feel, but rich in atmosphere, the eccentrically-titled Pharmakoi/Distance-Crunching Honchos With Echo Units saw a greater focus on concise, guitar-dominated songs, in contrast to the experimentation of Magician Among the Spirits.

The trio had initially thought of calling themselves "The Reformation", but this was altered, on Powles' suggestion, as a courtesy to the absent Willson-Piper.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by The Refo:mation

  1. "1:07" – 1:08
  2. "Don't Move" – 4:21
  3. "Traitor" – 5:21
  4. "She Comes In Singing" – 3:39
  5. "All See It Now" – 4:42
  6. "Trying to Get In" – 5:38
  7. "Florian Trout" – 4:35
  8. "5:28" – 3:29
  9. "Who Is the One?" – 5:34
  10. "Get Over It" – 3:45
  11. "Take Your Place" – 3:46
  12. "Towards Sleep" – 5:22
  13. "The Moon and the Sea" – 4:56
  14. "Stop" – 4:51


  • Steve Kilbey – lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, guitar
  • Peter Koppes – guitars, keyboards, bass guitar
  • Tim Powles – drums, percussion, bass guitar, lead vocal on "Take Your Place"


  • Sandy Chick – vocals
  • Chris Campbell – guitar on "5:28"

  • Recorded at Karmic Hit Studios, Rozelle, Sydney, Australia
  • Engineered & mixed by Tim Powles
  • Assistant Engineer Chris Campbell
  • Album artwork by Julien Klettenberg