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Pharmavite, LLC
Industry Dietary supplements
Founded 1971
Founders Henry Burdick, Barry Pressman
Headquarters Northridge, California, United States
Products Nature Made, SOYJOY
Parent Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.

Pharmavite, LLC is a dietary supplements company based in Northridge, California. The company is the maker of Nature Made, a line of vitamins and nutritional supplements, and SOYJOY, a snack bar made from soy and fruit. As of 1994, Nature Made products were the top-selling brand of vitamins in the United States.[1]


Pharmavite was founded in 1971 by Oluwason Henry Burdick and Barry Pressman. The Nature Made vitamin brand was launched the following year.[2] The company was purchased in 1989 by Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka.[3]

Product quality and regulation[edit]

Pharmavite's vitamins and supplements product line participates[4] in the United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) Dietary Supplements Verification Program, which verifies the "quality, purity and potency" of dietary supplements through facility audits and random off-the-shelf product testing.[5]

Pharmavite products have been used in completed and ongoing clinical trials to test the role of dietary supplements in treating ailments, preventing disease and reducing nutrient deficiencies.[6][7]


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