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Pharwala Fort
Pharwala Fort.JPG
The Pharwala Fort as seen from other side of Swaan River
General information
Location Rawalpindi District, Pakistan
Coordinates 33°37′10″N 73°17′57″E / 33.61944°N 73.29917°E / 33.61944; 73.29917
Completed 15th Century

Pharwala is a historic fort located about 40 km from Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan. It is naturally defended by one side by a small Himalayan range and the other by the Swaan River. It is a Gakhar fort built in the 15th century by the Muslim Gakhars. The Mughal Emperor Babur conquered the fort in 1519, however after the Mughals reconciled with the Gakhars the fort was returned to them.[1] Later, in 1825, Sikhs expelled Gakhars from this fort. The fort is in a bad shape, being situated in the Kahuta area, is only open for Pakistani visitors,[1] though some foreigners come there sometimes.

One of the central Gates.jpg

A small community of Kiani Gakhar lives inside the fort these days (around 50 people). An old and huge Banyan tree is also found inside the fort. There is no road to the fort. The Fort is not so easily accessible: there is no bridge, you have to cross the river by foot.

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