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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Birds of Prey #6 (June 1999)
Created by Chuck Dixon (writer)
Greg Land (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Pharzoof
Species Parademon
Place of origin Apokolips
Team affiliations New Gods of Apokolips
Abilities Heigtened strength and tolerance for pain, flight (armor-based)

Pharzoof is a fictional character published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Birds of Prey #6 (June 1999), and was created by Chuck Dixon and Greg Land.

Fictional character biography[edit]

A Parademon from the domain of Darkseid, Pharzoof developed a consciousness and personality of his own. While on Earth he disguised his nature underneath an exoskeleton and trenchcoat. Wishing to lead an uprising, he stole a mother box, using it to bring a variety of Earth's super-villains to Apokolips.

Return to Apokolips[edit]

Oracle had received a tip-off that there is a planned breakout on a train carrying several dangerous metahumans to the Slab, and sends Black Canary to try to prevent it. The U.S. Marshals protecting the train are suspicious of Canary, particularly when Catwoman turns up and appears to be on friendly terms with her. Black Canary is 'delighted' to learn that Joe Gardner is one of the prisoners on the train, and is unable to prevent the whole company being swallowed up by a boom tube summoned by a strange guy in a trenchcoat. Not knowing where else to turn, Oracle contacts Power Girl to try and trace Black Canary.

The train crashes at the other end of the boom tube, killing one of the US Marshals protecting the consignment of super-villains. They have arrived on Apokolips and come under attack almost immediately. The trenchcoat guy who has been proving to be a pain in Black Canary and Oracle's side offers them a deal - release the super-villains to him, and he will return them safely back home - a US Marshal refuses the deal and guns him down. He survives, however, since all that was destroyed is an exo-skeleton he was wearing. Back on Earth, Power Girl and Oracle come to the conclusion that there's little they can do for Canary other than hope. The US Marshals are obliged to release the villains in order to stand a chance against the attacking parademons, as Black Canary and Catwoman follow the 'person' who brought them to Apokolips, who turns out to be the smallest parademon ever seen - and whose mother box has been totally trashed... stranding them all on the hell planet.

Black Canary confronts the runt parademon, Pharzoof, who is responsible for bringing her, Catwoman and a trainload of super-villains guarded by the US Marshals to Apokolips. He tells them a tale of woe: how he was left to starve as a 'child', yet somehow survived and developed a personality, unique among parademons. He wanted to take over Apokolips with the help of the super-villains from Earth, but at the moment, Black Canary and Catwoman are more interested in finding a mother box and getting home.

The US Marshals fight off an army of parademons and assorted other nasties, assisted by the villains, notably Joe Gardner and Shrapnel. Meanwhile, Black Canary and Pharzoof pursue a mother box, Catwoman being slightly distracted by the Apokoliptian diamond mines. Canary successfully locates a mother box but comes under attack from Lashina of the Female Furies. Luckily for her, there are only so many diamonds even Catwoman can carry, and the two are able to fend her off, get back to the Marshals and use the boom tube to head for Earth, leaving Pharzoof behind to face the wrath of an entire Apokoliptian army. Returning to Earth, they are greeted by the rest of the US Marshals and Power Girl, who are able to contain the super-villains due to the threat of being returned to Apokolips if they don't behave.

Powers and abilities[edit]

  • Typical abilities of a parademon include heightened strength and a high tolerance for pain. Apokaliptian armor grant them the ability of flight.
  • As opposed to most parademons, Pharzoof can speak, and seems to have more than the rudimentary intelligence most parademons possess. He is also a master planner.

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