Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades

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Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades
Gorillaz Phase Two SlowBoat To Hades.jpg
Video by Gorillaz
Released 30 October 2006
Recorded Kong Studios & 13
Length 163 min
Label Parlophone
Producer Gorillaz
Gorillaz chronology
Demon Days Live
(2006)Demon Days Live2006
Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades

Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades is a compilation DVD by Gorillaz, released in October 2006. The DVD is similar to the band's first DVD, Phase One: Celebrity Take Down, but compiles the videos and animatics related to the release of the band's second album, Demon Days, as well as the related singles.

The DVD includes most of the materials released by Gorillaz from 2004 to 2006, which includes the full videos for "Rock It", "Feel Good Inc.", "DARE", "Dirty Harry" and "El Mañana". It includes the MTV EMAs, Grammys and Brits live performances. Also included is the Gorillaz' MTV Cribs episode, the Phase Two Gorillaz bites, a new Kong Studios guide, a gallery, and short interviews. Plus, it features a few hidden extras found in certain rooms. The DVD is bundled with a CD-ROM featuring games and wallpapers. Strangely, on the DVD, Kong Studios appears to be in a bad state, with holes in walls, floors, and blood splatterings, along with litter. Unlike the previous Phase One: Celebrity Take Down, there is a floor directory, due to the fact there are more items on this DVD. In Rise of the Ogre, the aftermath states that now Noodle has left, the spiritual peace and happiness left with her, causing the building to begin finally giving in to the dark forces which have been plaguing it, due to Murdoc stating he was bigger than Satan, a parody of what the Beatles reportedly said during their fame. The DVD also includes the event of Murdoc's rebirth which happened 6/6/06 on the Gorillaz official website[1] as a hidden feature. The Phase Two Kong Studios contains less animated backgrounds, this time being completely computerized. The website took on this new view when it was reopened, though it was less damaged.

DVD listing[edit]

  • Promo videos and animatics: "Feel Good Inc.", "DARE", "Dirty Harry", "El Mañana" and "Rock It"
  • B-side visuals: "People", "Bill Murray", "The Swagga", "Murdoc is God", "Samba At 13", "Spitting out the Demons" and "Feel Up"
  • Advertisements and trailers
  • Live performances
  • Four idents
  • On the Island
  • Fancy Dress: an incomplete "lost" Gorilla-bite from Phase One
  • Noodle VMA acceptance speech
  • Murdoc alternative Queen's speech for Channel Four
  • Murdoc record company thank you
  • Noodle "DARE" interview
  • MTV Cribs episode
  • Monk's montage
  • Polar bear gags
  • Hidden extras
  • The transmission from Noodle as on the Gorillaz website and the epilogue of Rise of the Ogre in the radio room, known as the Room of Brian's on the website.

CD-ROM features[edit]

  • 16 full-screen games from Gorillaz' website: Russel's Animal Kwackers, Bowling, Russel's Cookie Eating, Darts, Dirty Harry, Helly-Drop, Identikit, Operation, Potato, Santa Sleigher, Pumpomatic, Shooting Range, Mahjong, Murdoc's Attache, Tiles of the Unexpected and Bonesy Apple Bobbing.
  • 8 screensavers
  • 45 wallpapers

Plus hidden and achievement-based extras.


  • Although Samba at 13 has a clip in this DVD, it is not in the track listing of the normal version of the album D-sides, it is only available on the Japanese version, and as a standalone single on the iTunes Store.

Release details[edit]

The DVD was released in various countries in October and November 2006.

Country Date Label Format Catalog
Japan 25 October 2006 Toshiba-EMI DVD/CD-ROM TOBW3307
United Kingdom 30 October 2006 Parlophone DVD/CD-ROM 3744629 / 0946 3 74462 9 4
United States 31 October 2006 Parlophone, Virgin Records DVD/CD-ROM 0946 3 75665 9 6
Australia 11 November 2006 EMI, Capitol Records DVD/CD-ROM 0946 3 75874 9 2