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Phenix is a French comic book character created by Luciano Bernasconi for French publisher Editions Lug in 1978.

Phenix is the secret identity of Chicago socialite Patricia Hope. As the masked, leather-clad, bike-riding Phenix, she fights drug dealers, terrorists and other kinds of urban menaces.

When she was in college, Patricia Hope, the daughter of a billionaire couple, was raped by an assailant still unknown today. She slipped into a deep coma that lasted nine months, and emerged like a phenix from its ashes miraculously transformed, with a body and mind optimized to superhuman levels. After inheriting her parents' fortune and charitable foundation, Patricia became a leading Chicago socialite by day, and the black-clad, bike-riding crime fighter known as Phenix by night. Phenix occasionally helps Father Brown's local church; after breaking up with young Dr. Bob Carter, Patricia now shares her life with Dr. Douglas Sullivan, head of the E.R. at Saint Justin's Hospital. Phenix also teams up on a semi-regular basis with Sibilla.

Eight episodes of Phenix were originally published in the digest-sized magazine Special-Rodeo Nos. 74-78. The series was then discontinued.

The character returned in 2002 in Fantask No. 5, before migrating to Yuma vol. 2, No. 1, in a series of new adventures, written by Jean-Marc Lofficier and drawn by various artists, including Frédéric Grivaud, Mariano De La Torre and Juan Roncagliolo Berger. The series stopped when Yuma was cancelled with No. 10 in 2003.

Phenix and Sibilla teamed up with Witchblade in Blood Oath, a one-shot published by Top Cow Productions in August, 2004.

Phenix is now part of Hexagon Comics which has published a collection of her adventures translated into English.

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