Phensang Monastery

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Phensang Monastery
Phensong Monastery.jpg
Phensang Monastery
Phensang Monastery is located in Sikkim
Phensang Monastery
Phensang Monastery
Location within India
Coordinates 27°25′13″N 88°36′37″E / 27.42028°N 88.61028°E / 27.42028; 88.61028Coordinates: 27°25′13″N 88°36′37″E / 27.42028°N 88.61028°E / 27.42028; 88.61028
Monastery information
Location Phensang, North District, Sikkim, India
Founded 1721
Type Tibetan Buddhist
Sect Nyingmapa
Number of monks 300
Festivals 28-9th of the 10th Tibetan month.

Phensang Monastery is a Buddhist monastery of the Nyingmapa Order in Sikkim, India, 9 kilometres north of Gangtok.[1] It was established in 1721 during the time of Jigme Pawo.

Phensang, which has about 300 monks, hosts an annual festival on the 28th and 29th day of the tenth month of the Tibetan Calendar when sacred dances are performed, two days before the Sikkimese New Year.[1]


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