Phew (singer)

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Born 12 September 1959
Osaka, Japan
Genres Punk rock
Occupation(s) Singer, Composer
Instruments Vocals, electronics, Synthesizer
Years active 1978 – present
Labels Bereket
Mute Records
Pass Records
Associated acts Aunt Sally
Holger Czukay
Jaki Liebezeit
Conny Plank
Alexander Hacke
Chrislo Haas
Hiroyuki Nagashima
Yuji Takahashi
Dieter Moebius
Website N/A

Phew is a Japanese singer and analogue electronics improviser working in the areas of experimental and avant-garde music.

Music career[edit]


She was a founder of punk group Aunt Sally in Osaka.


Aunt Sally broke up after releasing one LP, Since 1980 she has mostly worked solo with musicians such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit, Chrislo Haas, Alexander Hacke, Yuji Takahashi, Seiichi Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Nagashima, Otomo Yoshihide in the group Novo Tono, Dieter Moebius on Phew's Project Undark Radium Girls project, Jim O'Rourke and Ana da Silva.

Her 'Five Finger Discount' was ranked 32nd in 2010 and 'Voice Hardcore' was 23rd in 2017 as voted by writers in the UK music magazine The Wire top 50 records



  • Voice Hardcore (LP) Mesh-Key (19 Jan 2018 in US)
  • Voice Hardcore (CD) Bereket (1 Nov 2017 in Japan)
  • Light Sleep (LP) Mesh-Key 2017
  • A New World (CD) Felicity 2015
  • Five Finger Discount (CD) Bereket 2010
  • Himitsu no Knife (CD) Alida 1995
  • Our Likeness (LP/CD) Mute 1992
  • Songs (Maxi-Single) 1991
  • View (LP/CD) 1987
  • Phew(LP/CD) Pass Records 1981
  • Finale c/w Urahara (Single) Pass Records 1980

Aunt Sally[edit]


  • Most. P-Vine, PCD-25010, 2003
  • Most. P-Vine, PCD-5647, 2001
  • Most. 2000.11.26. CD-R. 2001

With bands and projects[edit]

  • Island with Ana da Silva (LP, CD) (28 September 2018)
  • Project Undark Radium Girls 2011 with Erika Kobayashi (CD) Bereket 2012
  • Morio Agata. Norimono Zukan. Bridge BRIDGE-078, 2007
  • Morio Agata. Norimono Zukan. Vanity 0005, 1980
  • Big Picture. Big Picture. Little More, LMCA-1002, 2001
  • Big Picture. Big Picture. CD-R
  • Blind Light. The Absence of Time. Alida, ALIDA-001, 1994
  • Anton Fier. Dreamspeed/Blind Light 1992-1994. 2-CD set Tzadik, TZ 7609 2003
  • Anton Fier. Dreamspeed. Avant, AVAN-009, 1993
  • Novo Tono. Live. CD-R. 2001
  • Novo Tono. Panorama Paradise. Alida/Creativeman, CMDD-00038, 1996
  • Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble. Dreams. Tzadik, TZ 7238, 2002
  • Otomo Yoshihide. Otomo Yoshihide Plays the Music of Takeo Yamashita. P-Vine, PCD-5804, 1999
  • The Unknown Cases, and Phew. Koyasan. Fünfundvierzig, MCD 45122, 2001
  • Phew and Seiichi Yamamoto. Shiawase no Sumika. Tokuma Japan Communications, TKCH-71454, 1998


  • Pass No Past. 2-CD set Pass/P-Vine, SSAP-004/5, 2005
  • Improvised Music from Japan. 10-CD set. Improvised Music from Japan, IMJ-10CD, 2001
  • Mottomo Otomo: Unlimited XIII. Trost, TR076, 2000
  • Megabank Presents Tribute to New Wave. Megabank, MB-2.507CD, 1995
  • Rebel Incorporated. 2-LP set, Wax, 17WXL-3001/3002; CD, Wax, 32WXD-101


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