Phi Persei

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Stars of Perseus
Phi Persei
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Perseus
Right ascension 1h 43m 39.62s
Declination 50° 41' 19.6"
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.01
Absolute magnitude (V) -2.70
Distance 716 ly
(219.63 pc)
Spectral type B2Vpe
Other designations
Seif, φ Persei, φ Per, Phi Per, BD+49°444, FK5 57, GC 2102, HD 10516, HIP 8068, HR 496, PPM 26670, SAO 22554.[1]

Phi Persei (Phi Per, φ Persei, φ Per) is a Class B2Vpe, fourth-magnitude star in the constellation Perseus. Due to its isolation and distance from Cassiopeia, Andromeda and the rest of Perseus, John Flamsteed never took thought to assign a number and constellation to Phi Persei.

Phi Persei is binary consisting of a blue main sequence primary of class B2 and an apparent magnitude of 4.01 and a hot subdwarf secondary. The primary has 9.3 times the radius of the Sun.[2] Phi Persei is also a variable star with rapid variations in its brightness and spectrum. The Phi Persei stellar system is located about 716 light-years from Earth.

Phi Persei was a latter designation of 54 Andromedae.[3]


In Chinese, 天大將軍 (Tiān Dà Jiāng Jūn), meaning Heaven's Great General, refers to an asterism consisting of φ Persei, γ Andromedae, 51 Andromedae, 49 Andromedae, χ Andromedae, υ Andromedae, τ Andromedae, 56 Andromedae, β Trianguli, γ Trianguli and δ Trianguli. Consequently, φ Persei itself is known as 天大將軍二 (Tiān Dà Jiāng Jūn èr, English: the Second Star of Heaven's Great General.).[4]


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