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Phi Zeta
Founded1925; 94 years ago (1925)
Cornell University
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Phi Zeta (ΦΖ) is the only honor society of veterinary medicine in the United States.


Phi Zeta was established at Cornell University in 1925 with the assistance of Dr. Veranus Alva Moore [1]

Name and Symbols of the Society[edit]

Greek Scholar, Dr. George P. Bristol of Cornell University, suggested that the organization use the Greek word, spelled in its Latin form: PHILOZOI; meaning “love for animals”.

The emblem was designed by the great artist and naturalist Louis Agassiz Fuertes


The purpose of Phi Zeta is to promote, acknowledge, and reward scholarship in the profession of veterinary medicine.


Third-year students ranking in the top 10% of the class and fourth-year students ranking in the top 25% of the class are invited to become members.[2]

Honorary membership may also be bestowed upon interns, residents, faculty, and non-veterinary field related persons who have made significant contributions to veterinary medicine.


Every veterinary school in the United States now has a chapter.


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