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Phikkal Bazaar Chok
A weekly haat at Phikkal Bazaar, Nepal

Phikkal Bazar फिक्कल बजार is a former Village Development Committee (VDC) and now part of Suryodaya Municipality in Ilam District in the Mechi Zone of eastern Nepal.

This is a business hub of eastern Ilam. This city is directly linked by road to Darjeeling a hilly city of India situated in 58 Kilometers distance. Tea leaf, processed tea, ginger, broomsticks, cardamom etc are the major trade items of this town. [1] Phikkal VDC was merged along with Kanyam and Panchakanya, Mechi together to form the new Municipality.[2] [3]

Phikkal has got weekly Haat on Tuesdays where local vendors and farmers gather to trade their products.


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Coordinates: 26°54′36″N 88°04′48″E / 26.9100°N 88.0800°E / 26.9100; 88.0800