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Phil Chang
Phil Chang 2009.jpg
Background information
Chinese name 張宇 (traditional)
Chinese name 张宇 (simplified)
Pinyin zhang1 yu3 (Mandarin)
Birth name 張博翔 (Chang Po-hsiang)
Origin Taiwan
Born (1967-04-30) 30 April 1967 (age 50)
Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Other name(s) Chang Yu
Occupation Singer, songwriter, television presenter
Genre(s) Mandopop
Instrument(s) Piano, guitar, Vocals
Label(s) EMI Music
Years active 1992–present

Phil Chang (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhāng Yǔ) (born 30 April 1967 in Taipei) is a male Taiwanese singer-songwriter.

By the time he graduated from Feng Chia University in Financial Services, he was already known as an accomplished folk singer, pianist and guitar-player. He issued his first album, Walking the Wind, in 1992, and achieved success with his second, Well-intentioned, in 1993. In 1997 he married long-term partner, lyricist Xiāo Huìwèn (, who uses the pen name , Shí Yīláng). His 1999 album Sun and Moon was another big hit.

In 2004, he joined Chang Hsiaoyan to co-host Happy Sunday, replacing Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. On 30 April 2007 he began presenting his own show on satellite channel TVBS-G, Why men do wrong. In 2008, he was one of the stars of the Taiwanese tele-serial "歡喜來逗陣"

Also, in 2014 he took part and joined a competition called I Am a Singer (season 2). He made it to the 2nd part of the finals too.

Discography (albums)[edit]

  • 1993 走路有風, Walking the wind.
  • 1993 用心良苦,Well-intentioned.
  • 1994 溫故知心, Intimate insights.
  • 1995 一言難盡, It's hard to say.
  • 1996 消息, News.
  • 1997 整個八月, The whole of August.
  • 1997 溫古知新.一個人的天荒地老 (Warm new knowledge. A person's old days old).
  • 1998 EP 單戀, Unrequited love.
  • 1998 月亮太陽, Sun and Moon.
  • 1999 雨一直下, Rain Keeps Falling.
  • 1999 鑽石金選集, Diamond Gold Collection.
  • 2000 First compilation: 奇蹟·創世紀精選, Miracle. Genesis Featured.
  • 2001 替身, Substitute.
  • 2003 大丈夫, If a man.
  • 2004 不甘寂寞, The Limelight.
  • 2005 second compilation: 男人的好, A Good Man.
  • 2009 back to 張宇, Back to Zhang Yu
  • 2012 心術, Intention.
  • 2016 好男人的情歌, Good man's love song.

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