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Phil Comeau
PHIL COMEAU film director.jpeg
Born1956 (age 65–66)
Years active1977–present
Notable work
Belle-Île-en-Mer, île bretonne et acadienne

Phil Comeau (born 1956), CM is a Canadian film and television director, born in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia. He lives in Moncton, New Brunswick and Montreal, Quebec.


Phil Comeau is a film and television director and scriptwriter, based in Moncton, New Brunswick and in Montreal, Quebec. His documentary and drama films have won almost 300 awards at film festivals worldwide.[1][2] He has directed films and TV episodes in Canada and in over 20 countries. His films have been translated in 27 languages, and been broadcast in 200 countries. A globetrotter, Phil has travelled on all continents and visited over 50 countries.

His recent award-winning feature documentaries include Zachary Richard Cajun Heart, Acadian Music Wave, Secretariat's Jockey Ron Turcotte, and The Nature of Frederic Back. He also directed and co-wrote the award-winning drama feature film Jerome's Secret in Canada, and two TV movies Crash of the Century in France, and Teen Knight in Romania and the USA. His popular drama series include (I & II) with viewer ratings in Quebec of 1.3 million, La Sagouine, Lassie, Emily of New Moon, Pit Pony, Les couleurs de mon accent, World Legends and the docu-drama series Mayday broadcast worldwide.

Comeau has directed and wrote numerous films about his Acadian culture. Among them, the first independent Acadian drama feature film Jerome's Secret,[3] the first Acadian comedy The Gossips, the first Acadian children's film The Hooked Rug of Grand-Pré, and a popular series remake on an iconic Acadian character La Sagouine.[4] On the subject of the world Acadian diaspora, he had directed an Acadian feature in Louisiana Zachary Richard Cajun Heart, a series in Quebec Les Acadiens du Québec and documentaries in France Belle-Ile-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island and Belle-Ile in Acadie.

As an author, he has also published poetry in two books Plumes d'ictte and Éloizes, a published film script Les Gossipeuses, an Acadian dictionary Le parler Acadjonne, and in 2014 was the editor and co-director of the anthology Acadie Then and Now, a 500-page collective containing both history and contemporary articles on the world diaspora Acadian, which won the international award Prix France-Acadie in Paris.

Phil Comeau is a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Directors Guild of Canada, Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Quebec, and Front des réalisateurs du Canada.


His films and TV series have received almost 300 awards at film festivals worldwide. Phil Comeau has received five (5) Orders: he has been appointed a member of the Order of Canada in 2011;[5] the Order of New Brunswick and the Ordre de la Pléiade from the Assemblée des Parlementaires de la Francophonie in 2016; the distinction of the Ordre des francophones d'Amérique at the National Assembly in Quebec in 2007; and the rank of "Chevalier" of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in France in 2006. He also received two Honorary Doctorats in Arts from the Université de Moncton, N.B. (2013) and from Université Sainte-Anne in N.S. (2007); the Prix Meritas of the Federation acadienne du Quebec in 1999; the Grand-Pre Award from the Minister of Culture of Nova Scotia in 1997, and the Prix Champion in Ottawa in 1995. His feature film Zachary Richard, Cajun Heart was presented at the United Nations in Geneva in 2017.[6] In 2021, Comeau was awarded the Médaille Léger-Comeau, the highest Acadian distinction by the Société Nationale de l'Acadie.[7]


As director[edit]

As writer[edit]

As producer or coproducer[edit]

Honors, awards and nominations[edit]


  • 2021: Médaille Léger-Comeau, the highest Acadian distinction awarded by the Société Nationale de l'Acadie [8]
  • 2020: Prix Louisiane-Acadie - 15th Cinema Festival on the Bayou (Lafayette, Louisiana)
  • 2019: Médaille de la Ville de Marennes -10th Festival of Francophone Culture (Marennes, France)
  • 2019: The Canadian Encyclopedia (Historica Canada), Inclusion on list of 30 Famous Francophones in Canada[9]
  • 2018: Prix Eloize, Acadian Artist Most Illustrated Internationally (New Brunswick, Canada)
  • 2018: Prix du public Radio-Canada / People's Choice for Acadian Artist of the Year (New Brunswick, Canada)
  • 2018: Prix du President, Richelieu International (Canada)
  • 2017: The Canadian Encyclopedia (Historica Canada), Inclusion of biography (Canada) [10]
  • 2017: United Nations, Presentation of his film "Zachary Richard Cajun Heart" (Geneva, Switzerland) [10]
  • 2016: Cultural Personality of the Year, Acadie-Nouvelle (New Brunswick, Canada)
  • 2016: Order of New Brunswick, Gouvernment of New Brunswick (Canada) [11]
  • 2016: Order of La Pléiade, Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie (OIF, International) [10]
  • 2015: Prix France-Acadie Award, Amitiés France-Acadie (Paris, France)
  • 2014: Personality of the week, Radio-Canada & Acadie-Nouvelle (Maritimes, Canada)
  • 2014: Prix Acadie-Québec Award, Bureau atlantique du Quebec & Société national de l'Acadie (New Brunswick, Canada) [10]
  • 2014: Certificat de mérite, Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse, Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) [10]
  • 2014: Film Retrospective Phil Comeau, 6 films (Lafayette, Louisiana)
  • 2013: Honorary Doctorat in Arts, Université de Moncton (New Brunswick, Canada) [10]
  • 2012: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (Ottawa, Canada)
  • 2011: Order of Canada (Ottawa) [12]
  • 2007: Honorary Doctorat in Fine-Arts, Université Sainte-Anne (Nova Scotia, Canada) [10]
  • 2007: Ordre des francophones d'Amérique (Quebec, Canada) [10]
  • 2006: Ordre des Arts et Lettres (Paris, France) [10]
  • 1999: Prix Méritas Award, Federation acadienne du Québec (Montréal, Canada) [10]
  • 1997: Prix Grand-Pré Award, Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) [13]
  • 1995: Prix Champion, Fédération culturelle canadienne-française (Ottawa, Canada) [10]

Film awards[edit]

  • 2019 : Belle-Ile in Acadie / Belle-Île en Acadie (documentary)
    • Prix du public - Festival du cinéma québécois et francophone (Vancouver, Canada)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Toronto Indie Shorts (Toronto, Canada)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Alternative Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Paris International Film Festival (Paris, France)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Redwood Shorts & Scripts (Sunnyvale/San José, California, US)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Florida Beach International Film Festival (Tampa, Florida, US)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Star Hollywood Awards (New Jersey, US)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Cineworld Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Polish International Film Festival (Varsovie, Poland)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Halicarnassus Film Festival (Bodrum, Turkey)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Five Continents Int. Film Festival (Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Pattaya International Film Festival (Pattaya, Thailand)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Rosebud International Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Kateye International Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire - 3e Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Indus River International Cinefest (Shimla, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Aab International Film Festival (Moga, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire - 7th Art Independent International Film Festival (Trivandrum, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Green Chili International Film Festival (Gangtok, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Golden Earth Film Awards (online)
    • Meilleur documentaire - Cine Fern Film Festival (online)
    • Meilleur documentaire - The Film Contest (online)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Paris International Film Awards (Paris, France)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Europe Film Festival (London, England / Amsterdam)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Berlin Movie Awards (Berlin, Germany)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Rome Movie Awards (Rome, Italy)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Blu-Hill Film Festival (Los Angeles)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Gold Star Movie Awards (Newark, New Jersey)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - American Golden Picture Int. Film Festival (Jacksonville, Florida)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Screen Power Film Festival (London, England)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Indie Shorts Awards Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)
    • Meilleure documentaire court - Hong Kong Indie Film Festival (Hong Kong, China)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Play⧎Short International Film Awards (Lisbon, Portugal)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Istanbul Film Awards (Istanbul, Turkey)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - SIMFC International Film Carnaval (Prokuplje, Serbia)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Valparai International Film Festival (Coimbatore, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Indo French international Film Festival (Pondicherry, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Picasso Einstein Buddha Int. Film Festival (Rishikesh, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Sasee Film Awards (Karaikudi, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Gona Film Awards (Chennai, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Poompuhar Int. Film Festival (Thirumullaivasal, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Chettinad Indie Festival (Karaikudi, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Aiyan Film Awards (Chennai, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Int. Motion Picture Festival of India (Pondicherry, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - Malaikandan Independent Film Festival (Malaikandan, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire court - International Open Film Festival (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
    • Meilleur documentaire international - Carolina Int. Film Awards (Florence, South Carolina)
    • Meilleur documentaire historique - Creation Int. Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
    • Meilleur documentaire touristique - Indie Doc Pro Film Festival (Resistencia, Argentina)
    • Meilleur documentaire canadien - Legacy Film Club Toronto (Ontario, Canada)
    • Meilleur documentaire canadien - Shiva International Film Festival (Navi Mumbai, India)
    • Meilleur documentaire Bretagne - Festival int. du film de Bretagne (Locronan, France)
    • Prix Platinum - Short Screen Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Prix Gold Remi - WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (Texas, US)
    • Prix Gold - Spotlight Documentary Film Awards (Atlanta, Georgia, US)
    • Prix spécial du jury - Sweden Film Awards (Luleå, Sweden)
    • Prix spécial du Jury - Brazil International Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
    • Prix spécial du jury - Port Blair Int. Film Festival (Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands)
    • Prix du jury - Kuala Lumpur Int. Film Festival KLIFFS (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
    • Prix du jury - Short Cine Fest (Chandigarh, India)
    • Choix du jury - New Age Cinemas & Scripts (Mumbai, India)
    • Prix au-delà (Beyond Award) - ONED International Film Festival (Versailles, France)
    • 2e Meilleur documentaire - Prague International Film Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)
    • 2e Meilleur documentaire - Virgin Spring Cinefest (Kolkata, India)
    • 2e Meilleur documentaire - Calcasieu Parish Short Film Festival (Sulphur, Louisiana, US)
    • Prix d’excellence - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival (Paris, France)
    • Prix d’excellence - Documentary Screen Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Prix d’excellence - Perak Cave International Cine Carnival (Perak, Malaysia)
    • Prix d’excellence - Accolade Global Film Compétition (La Jolla, California, US)
    • Prix d’excellence - Gangtok International Film Festival (Gangtok, India)
    • Prix de mérite - Best Shorts Competition (San Diego, California, US)
    • Prix de mérite - Vegas Movie Awards (Las Vegas, Nevada, US)
    • Prix de distinction - Canada Shorts Film Festival (Toronto/Saint-John, Canada)
    • Prix de reconnaissance - Cinema World Film Fest (Dubai, UAE / LA)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Brooklyn International Cinefest (New York)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Big Ben International Film Festival (London, England)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - World Film Carnival (Singapore)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Wonderland International Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Berlin Flash Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Mount Fuji International Film Festival (Sendai, Japan)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - International Open Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Black Swan International Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Ghum International Film Festival (Ghum, India)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - Druk International Film Festival (Thimphou, Bhutan)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - International Arthouse Film Festival (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle - 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia)
    • Meilleure cinématographie - Global Nonviolent Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario)
    • Meilleur montage - Star Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
    • Meilleur montage - Red Dragon Creative Awards (Dallas, Texas, US)
    • Meilleure musique, Prix spécial du jury - Marudham Indie Film Festival (Tamil Nadu, India)
    • Mention honorable - LA Indies Film Festival (Los Angeles, US)
    • Mention honorable - Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival (Tokyo, Japan)
    • Mention honorable - Bangkok Int. Documentary Awards and Festival (Bangkok, Thailand)
    • Mention honorable - Paradise Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary)
    • Mention honorable - Venice Film Awards (Venice, Italy)
    • Mention honorable - AIMAFF (Athens, Greece)
    • Mention honorable - Andromeda Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
    • Mention honorable - Bridge Fest (Vancouver, Canada)
    • Mention honorable - Falcon International Film Festival (London, England)
    • Mention honorable - Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes (Cannes, France)

- Trois (3) prix -ReelHeART International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)

    • Meilleur court documentaire
    • Meilleur film canadien
    • Meilleur film de langue française

- Quatre (4) prix - Twilight Tokyo Film Festival (Tokyo, Japan)

    • Documentaire exceptionnel
    • Réalisation exceptionnelle
    • Conception sonore exceptionnelle
    • Montage exceptionel

- Trois (3) prix - Mont Blanc International Movie Fest (Paris, France)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Meilleur montage
    • Meilleur originalité

- Trois (3) prix - La Dolce Vita Cine Roma (Rome, Italy)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Meilleur cinématographie
    • Meilleur musique

- Trois (3) prix - International Screen Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia)

    • Meilleur documentaire - International Screen Awards
    • Golden Award - Directors Screen Awards (Réalisation)
    • Golden Award - Screenplay Screen Awards (Scénario)

- Trois (3) prix - Cinephilia Motion Pictures Festival (Cádiz, Spain)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Excellence en montage
    • Excellence en musique

- Trois (3) prix - Mabig Film Festival (Augsbourg, Germany)

    • Meilleur documentaire en langue étrangère
    • Meilleur film social
    • Meilleur réalisateur

- Deux (2) prix - Cinema on the Bayou (Lafayette, Louisiana, US)

    • Grand Prix - Director's Choice
    • Prix Louisiane-Acadie

- Deux (2) prix - Holy Grail International Film Festival (Jerusalem, Israel)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Meilleure cinématographie

Deux (2) prix - Mokkho International Film Festival (Pondicherry, India)

    • Prix de la critique
    • Prix spéciale du jury - Meilleur réalisateur

Deux (2) prix - Critics Review Online Festival (Kanyakumari, India)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Meilleur réalisateur documentaire

- Deux (2) prix - 24 Hours Film Challenge (Kolkata, India)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Meilleur réalisateur

- Deux (2) prix - Festival de Indie (Chennai, India)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Meilleur réalisateur documentaire

- Deux (2) prix - Cinema of the World (Mumbai, India)

    • Meilleur documentaire court métrage
    • Meilleur réalisation court métrage

- Deux (2) Prix) - Sentinel International Film Awards (Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands)

    • Meilleur documentaire court
    • Meilleur scénario court (Best Scriptwriter for a short film)

- Deux (2) prix - Panjim International Film Festival (Panjim, India)

    • Prix d’excellence documentaire
    • Meilleur production

- Deux (2) prix - Hodu International Film Festival (Pondicherry, India)

    • Meilleur documentaire court
    • Meilleur cinématographie court métrage

- Deux (2) prix - Top Indie Film Awards (Tokyo, Japan)

    • Mention honorable
    • Meilleur montage

- Six (6) prix - Light & Shadow Film Awards (Kolkata, India)

    • Meilleur documentaire
    • Meilleur réalisateur
    • Meilleur producteur
    • Meilleur concept
    • Meilleure cinématographie
    • Meilleur montage

- Neuf (9) prix - Southern Shorts Awards (Roswell/Atlanta, Georgia, US)

    • Prix d’excellence - documentaire
    • Meilleure réalisation
    • Meilleure scénario
    • Meilleur production
    • Meilleur cinématographie
    • Meilleure conception sonore
    • Meilleur concept de production
    • Meilleur montage
    • Meilleur composition musicale
  • 2018-19 : Acadian Music Wave / Vague d'Acadie (feature documentary)
    • Best Documentary - Around Films International Film Festival - ARFF (Paris, France)
    • Best Documentary - International Music Video Awards (London, England)
    • Best Musical Documentary or Behind the Scenes - American Tracks Music Awards (Los Angeles, US)
    • Platinum Award - World Documentary Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Silver Remi Award - WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (Houston, Texas, US)
    • Prix Louisiane-Acadie Award - Cinema on the Bayou Festival (Lafayette, Louisiana, US)
    • Best Cinematography - Euro Film Festival Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland)
    • Special Mention - The Scene Festival (Washington DC, US)
    • Honorable Mention - Bridge Fest (Vancouver, Canada)
    • Honorable Mention - Rome Music Video Awards (Rome, Italy)
    • Honorable Mention - High Tatras Film and Video Festival (Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia)
    • Nomination for Best Documentary, arts and culture - Prix Gémeaux Awards (Montreal, Québec)
  • 2017-2019 : Belle-Île-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island / Île bretonne et acadienne (documentary)
    • Best Documentary - 2nd Largo Film Awards (Lausanne, Switzerland)[2]
    • Best Documentary - 2nd ShortCut Cinefest (Bucharest, Romania)[2]
    • Best Documentary - 7th South Cinematographic Academy Film & Arts (Rancagua, Chile)
    • Best Short Film - 30th FICFA (Moncton, Canada)
    • Best Short Documentary - 4th ARFF International (Paris, France)
    • Best Short Documentary - 24e FICOCC Five Continents International Film Festival (Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela).[2]
    • Best Short Documentary - 5e Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago (Santiago, Chile)
    • Best Short Documentary - Sao Paulo Times Film Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    • Best Short Documentary - European Screen Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Diamond Award, Best Short Documentary in a Foreign Language - 3rd DIRA Directors Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Golden Award, Best Short Documentary - International Screen Awards (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).
    • Platinum Remi Award, Cultural category - 50th WorldFest Houston (Texas, US)
    • 2nd Best Documentary - 2e Ahmednagar International Short Film Festival (Ahmednagar, India)
    • Award of Merit, Canadian and international shorts - 3rd Canada Shorts Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario)[2]
    • Award of Excellence for Documentary - 7th Best Shorts Competition (San Diego, California)[2]
    • Award of Merit for Directing - 7th Best Shorts Competition (San Diego, California)
    • Award of Merit for Scriptwriting - 7th Best Shorts Competition (San Diego, California)
    • Eloize Award - Most illustrated artist outside of Acadie (Atlantic Provinces, Canada)
    • People's Choice Award - Radio-Canada (Atlantic Provinces, Canada)
    • Best Cinematography - 7th Southampton International Film Festival (Southampton, England)[2]
    • Best Cinematography - 7th South Cinematographic Academy Film & Arts (Rancagua, Chile)
    • Best Cinematography - 7th Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival (Rishikesh, India)
    • Honorable jury mention - 6th Headline International Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)[2]
    • Honorable jury mention - 12th Cinema on the Bayou Festival (Lafayette, Louisiana)[2]
    • Honorable jury mention - Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards (Taichung, Taiwan)
    • 8 Awards of Excellence, including Best Documentary, Director and Scriptwriter - 3rd Southern Shorts Awards (Georgia, US)[2]
  • 2016-2019 : Zachary Richard, Cajun Heart / Toujours Batailleur (feature-length documentary)
    • Best International or Canadian Documentary - 17th Silver Wave Film Festival (Fredericton, Canada)
    • Best Feature Documentary - 16th South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Rincagua, Chile)
    • Best Feature Documentary - 27th Ficocc Five Continents International Film Festival (Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela)
    • Golden World Award - 6th World Film Awards (Bali, Indonesia)
    • Meilleur long métrage - 30th Festival internationale du cinéma francophone en Acadie (Moncton, Canada)
    • Prix du Public - 30th Festival internationale du cinéma francophone en Acadie (Moncton, Canada)
    • Prix du public - Radio-Canada Acadie (Provinces maritimes, Canada)
    • Artiste s’étant le plus illustré à l’extérieur de l’Acadie - 20th Prix Éloize (Provinces maritimes, Canada)
    • Director's Choice Grand Prize - 12th Festival Cinema on the Bayou (Lafayette, Louisiana, US)
    • Award of Merit - 15th Accolade Global Film Competition (San Diego, California, US)
    • Remi Award, 53rd Worldfest Houston International Film Festival (Houston, Texas)
    • Prix de la Ville de Dieppe - 5e Festival du film canadien de Dieppe (Dieppe, France)
    • Exceptional Merit - 3rd Docs Without Borders Film Festival (Delaware, US)
    • Human Spirit Award - 3rd Docs Without Borders Film Festival (Delaware, US)
    • Platinum Award for Best Director - 4th Documentary Directors Awards (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Best Director - Indo-Global International Film Festival (Mumbai, India)
    • Best Concept - 3rd The Buddha International Film Festival (Pune, India)
    • Best Sound Concept - Oniros Film Awards (Aoste, Italy)
    • Best production - Oniros Film Awards (Aoste, Italy)
    • Two nominations Prix Gémeaux Awards : Best Director & Best Script, Documentary
  • 2013-2014: Secretariat's Jockey, Ron Turcotte / Ron Turcotte, jockey légendaire (feature-length documentary)
    • Best Feature Film: 35th International Sports Film Festival, Palermo, Italy.
    • Director's Choice Grand Prize: 9th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, Lafayette, Louisiana.[2]
    • Audience Award: 25th International Film Festival Cinefest, Sudbury, Ontario.[2]
  • 2012-2013: The Nature of Frederic Back / Frédéric Back, grandeur nature (feature-length documentary)
    • Audience Award: 30th International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal.
    • Audience Award: 26th Festival international du cinéma francophone, Moncton.
    • Audience Award: 9th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, Lafayette, Louisiana.
  • 2010: La Sagouine (drama TV series)
    • Coup de coeur Award & Hommage for actress Viola Léger: 12e Festival des créations télévisuelles de Luchon, France.
  • 2009: Nature Above All (documentary)
    • Audience Award & Special mention by Jury: Festival de films de Portneuf sur l'environnement, Quebec.
  • 2000: Pit Pony (drama TV series)
    • Best drama series: Young Artists Awards, Hollywood California
  • 1998: Emily of New Moon (TV series)
    • Best drama TV series: Alliance for children & television awards, Toronto
    • 2 Best Acting Awards: Gemini Awards, Toronto [2]
  • 1996: Lassie (drama TV series)
    • Audience Award: FilmWorld Fest, Charleston, North Carolina
    • Award of excellence: Parents Choice Awards, Maryland
  • 1994-1995: Jerome's Secret (theatrical feature film)
    • 3 awards: Audience Award, Bayard d'Or for acting & Best First Feature : Festival international du film francophone, Namur, Belgium[2]
    • Audience Award: Festival international du cinema, Sarlat, France[2]
    • Maverick Award: Cinequest Festival, San Jose, California[2]
    • Heritage Award: International Film Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Award of Excellence: FilmWorld Fest, Houston, Texas[2]
    • Award of Excellence: FilmWorld Fest, Charleston, North Carolina[2]
    • Award of Excellence: International Film Festival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[2]
    • La Vague Award: Festival international du cinéma francophone, Moncton, New Brunswick
    • Audience Choice Award: Festival des films de Baie-Comeau, Québec[2]
    • Audience Choice Award: Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia[2]
  • 1992: Archeology (documentary TV series)
    • Best documentary TV series: Cable Ace Awards, Los Angeles, California[2]
    • Award of excellence: FilmWorld Fest, Houston, Texas
  • 1986: The Hooked Rug of Grand-Pre (drama)
    • Award of excellence: 3rd Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia
    • Prix d'excellence: Festival des jeux de la francophonie, Casablanca Morocco
  • 1984: La musique nous explique (documentary)
    • Award of excellence. 1st Atlantic Film Festival, Saint-Johns, Newfoundland

Film nominations[edit]

  • 2019-2021 : Belle-Ile in Acadie
    • 40e FIN - Atlantic International Film Festival (Halifax, Canada), 38e Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma (Montréal, Canada), 32e Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie (Moncton, Canada), 23e Festival Ciné-Franco (Toronto, Ontario), 21st Nickel Independent Film Festival (Saint John's, Newfoundland), 20e Silver Wave Festival (Fredericton, Canada), 14e Jahorina Film Festival (Pale, Bosnia-Herzegovina), 13e Broadway International Film Festival (Los Angeles, US), 13e Short to the Point - ISFF AWARDS (Bucharest, Romania), 12e Festival international de cinéma et d’art - Les Percéides (Percé, Canada), 11e Festival international du film Lift-Off de Paris/ Lift Off Global Network Paris (FR), 10e Pune Short Film Festival 2020 (Pune, India), 8e ARFF Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 7e ARFF Paris International (Paris, France), 7e TMFF Film Festival - (Glasgow, Scotland, 7e Goa Short Film Festival (Kothrud, India), 7e Fickin’ Festival International de Cinéma de Kinshasa (DR Congo), 6e Near Nazareth Festival (Nazareth, Israel), 6e Eurasia International Film Festival (Moscow, Russia), 6e Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival (Montréal, Canada), Bahia Independent Cinema Festival (Salvador, Brasil), 6e Charlottetown Film Festival (Charlottetown, IPE, Canada), 5e Los Angeles CineFest (California, US), 5e Hollywood Screenings Film Festival (California, US), The Continental Film Festival (Los Angeles), Europa Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain & Resistencia, Argentina), 4e Euro Film Festival Geneva (Genève, Suisse), 4e Solaris Film Festival (Vienne, Austria), 4e Beyond Earth Film Festival (Chennai, India), 4e Aphrodite Film Awards (NYC, New York), 4e Festival Nouvelles Vues Haïti (Port-au-Prince, Haiti), 3e Moscow Shorts (Moscow, Russia), 3e Rome Independent Prisma Awards (Rome, Italie), 3e Chicago Southland International Film Festival (Chicago, US), 3e Assurdo Film Festival (Milan, Italie), 3e South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Rancagua, Chile), 3e Best 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  • 2017-2018 : Belle-Ile-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island)
    • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (LA, California), Barcelona Planet Film Festival (Spain),[2] Moscow Shorts International Film Festival (Russia), Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike (London, England), Feel The Reel International Film Festival (Glasgow, Scotland), International Short Film Festival Beverin (Belgium), Move Me Productions Film Festival (Antwerp, Belgium), Near Nazareth (Israel), Bucharest ShortCut CineFest (Romania), Short to the Point (Bucharest, Romania), Woodengate Film Festival (Baia Mare, Romania), Festival insulaire de l’île de Groix (France), Festival CineFil (Lorient, France), Festival 24 images seconde (Florac, France), Festival Les Cousins d'Amérique (Loudun, France), Les Nuits Cajun (Saulieu, France), Ficmarc Caribbean Sea International Film Festival (Pampatar, Venezuela), Fondecoin Independent International Short Film Festival (Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela), Oaxaca FilmFest (Mexico), Rendez Vous Québec Cinéma (Montreal, Canada), Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec (Quebec, Canada), Atlantic International Film Festival (Halifax, Canada), Charlottetown Film Festival (PEI, Canada), Silver Wave Film Festival (Fredericton, Canada).
  • 2017-2018 : Zachary Richard, toujours batailleur (Cajun Heart)
    • 2 Gémeaux Awards : Best director and Best scriptwriting for a documentary, Montreal.[2]
    • Special presentation at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
    • Los Angeles CineFest (LA, California),[2] International Filmmaker Festival (Nice, France), Move Me Productions Film Festival (Antwerp, Belgium), Festival 24 images seconde (Florac, France), Festival Les Cousins d'Amérique (Loudun, France), Les Nuits Cajun (Saulieu, France), Atlantic International Film Festival (Halifax), Charlottetown Film Festival (PEI).
  • 2014-2015: Secretariat's Jockey, Ron Turcotte (documentary)
    • Gémeaux Award for Best Documentary biography, Montreal[2]
    • DGC Awards (Directors Guild of Canada) for Best Documentary, Toronto[2]
  • 2013: The Nature of Frederic Back (documentary)
    • 2 Gemeaux Awards for Best documentary biography & Best documentary research.[2]
    • Official selection and special presentation at Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France[2]
  • 2009: Nature Above All (documentary)
    • Gemeaux Award for Best Portrait, Montreal
  • 2002: II (drama TV series)
    • 2 Gemeaux Award, Montreal
  • 2001: I (drama TV series)
    • 2 Gemeaux Awards, Montreal
  • 2001: Chopin: Frédéric et Georges (docu-drama)
    • 2 Gemeaux Awards, Montreal
  • 1999: Pit Pony (TV series)
    • 2 Gemini Awards, Toronto[2]
  • 1994: Jerome's Secret (feature film)
    • 2 Genie Awards, Toronto.[2]
    • Official selection at Shanghai International film Festival, China
    • Special presentation at UNESCO in Paris, France.


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