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Phil Hall (born 1964) is an American writer and film critic.


Hall is a contributing editor for the online magazine Film Threat[1][2] and the author of several film-related books, including The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies: Films from the Fringes of Cinema (2004), Independent Film Distribution (2006), The History of Independent Cinema (2009) and The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time (2013).[2][3][4] He has also written for The New York Times, New York Daily News and American Movie Classics Magazine.[5] Hall is a member of the Online Film Critics Society.[6]

Hall is also a financial writer for Progress in Lending, and he was formerly an editor for two mortgage banking magazines, Secondary Marketing Executive and Servicing Management, and the daily MortgageOrb news site.[7]

Other work

Hall is the director of the New England Underground Film Festival, an annual event held in Connecticut.[8] He was the director of the New Haven Underground Film Festival in 2008,[1] and previously programmed the Light+Screen Film Festival in New York.[9] Hall also served as a member of the Governing Committee of the Online Film Critics Society.[10]

From 1994 to 2004, Hall was the president of Open City Communications, a New York City-based public relations agency.[11]

Film work

A 20-minute documentary short by Leszek Drozd titled A Writer Named Phil Hall featured Hall talking about his career in the media, the books he authored, and his advice for young writers who want to get published.[12][13]

Hall has also appeared as an actor in a number of independently produced films, including the Bikini Bloodbath series of horror-comedies, Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast and the Michael Legge comedy Monochromia.[8][14][15]


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