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Phil Hurley (born October 7, 1969) is a versatile American singer-songwriter from Potsdam, New York. He has collaborated with many prominent musicians and bands in New York, Boston, Washington state, the Netherlands, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Singing in rock bands with his brother Steve from the age of eight, Phil was playing around upstate New York professionally by fourteen on bass, drums, guitar and vocals. At sixteen he co-founded Gigolo Aunts with his brother Steve Hurley, Dave Gibbs and Paul Brouwer. After quickly outgrowing Potsdam the group relocated to Boston, where they caught the ear of the indie label Coyote Records that released the Aunts' first record, Everybody Happy, in 1988.

After a year and a half with Island Records artist Tracy Bonham,[citation needed] Phil stepped away to participate in the fertile Seattle music scene, where he recorded with groups like the Tycoons, Hulabees, Shuggie and Alex Woodard, and toured with Miles Hunt (of The Wonder Stuff), Lisa Loeb and Fountains of Wayne among others. After a year in the Netherlands, Phil moved to Los Angeles, CA and in February 2009 he relocated to Austin, Texas, where he has been touring and playing with his country-rock group Stonehoney.

In 2006, he was featured in Wayne Federman's annual Christmas Show at Largo (Los Angeles) with Margaret Cho and Paul F. Tompkins.

Since 2011, Hurley has been a contributing member to Austin super group, the South Austin Moonlghters. Playing lead guitar and contributing some of their most requested original songs. The group has two records out "Live at the Saxon Pub" and "Burn & Shine". Both have received great press and radio support throughout Texas. Both records have been released in Europe on Germany's Blue Rose Records. Phil has also toured extensively in the US and Europe as the lead guitar player for legendary Texas songwriter Jimmy LaFave for the past few years.

His work can be found on the soundtrack of HBO's "Lucky Louis", Showtime's "Weeds" and the syndicated "Greg Behrandt Show".

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