Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child

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Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child
PhilKeaggy andSundaysChild.jpg
Studio album by Phil Keaggy
Released October 1988
Recorded The Music Grinder
Neverland Studios
Fingerprint Recorders
Schnee Studio
The Hop
Genre Rock
Length 52:13
Label Myrrh, A&M
Producer Lynn Nichols
Phil Keaggy chronology
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Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child
Find Me In These Fields
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars link

Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child is the title of a 1988 album by guitarist Phil Keaggy, released on Myrrh Records and A&M Records simultaneously.

The record, which includes an all-star list of guest musicians and vocalists, is in many ways a tribute to 1960s pop/rock music like The Byrds, The Beatles, and others.

The album's sound quality, which came from the use of vintage instruments and production techniques, was unique by 1988's standards. Among the vintage instruments used was Ringo Starr's drum kit, per the album's liner notes ("SPECIAL the DRUM DOCTOR for the use of Ringo's old drum kit").

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Tell Me How You Feel" (Phil Keaggy)
  2. "Sunday's Child" (Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy)
  3. "I Always Do" (Mark Heard)
  4. "I'm Gonna Get You Now" (Phil Keaggy, Lynn Nichols)
  5. "Blessed Be the Ties" (Lynn Nichols, Phil Keaggy, Steve Taylor)
  6. "This Could Be the Moment" (A. Palladino, Lynn Nichols)

Side two[edit]

  1. "Ain't Got No" (Randy & Sandi Stonehill)
  2. "Somebody Loves You" (Phil Keaggy)
  3. "Big Eraser" (Lynn Nichols, L. Demers, Phil Keaggy)
  4. "Everything Is Alright" (Mark Heard)
  5. "I've Just Begun (Again)" (Phil Keaggy, Lynn Nichols)
  6. "Walk in Two Worlds" (Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy)
  7. "Talk About Suffering" (Traditional: Arranged by Phil Keaggy)


Production notes[edit]