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"Phil McCordic" is a multiple award winning actor, writer, director, creator and show runner who has been working in the Children’s television industry for more than 15 years. Phil is most easily recognized from his hosting days on YTV and TVO. But, behind the scenes, created award winning programming for TVO including Tumble Town Tales and Time Trackers (winning the very first 'interactive' Gemini in 2003). After TVO he spent 4 years as the Senior Producer of Kids’ CBC, where, under his stewardship, the show was nominated in the ‘best preschool program or series’ Gemini every year he was at the helm (winning in 2009). He left Kids’ CBC to show run his first original series, Zerby Derby. Which has gone on to much critical acclaim and high ratings on TVO, TFO, Sprout and many countries all over the world. He is currently working on his second original show, Science Max, which aired on TVO starting in the fall of 2015.

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