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Phil Wiser

Phil Wiser is a digital media entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, United States. He is the Chief Technology Officer of CBS. He has founded and invested in many technology and media companies. His last company, Sezmi, created an Internet-based digital television platform that was deployed in the US and internationally. He also co-founded Liquid Audio, a pioneering digital music company in the mid-1990s. After Liquid Audio, Wiser became CTO of Sony Music and built up their digital businesses by creating the deal with iTunes and then driving the creation of the US master ringtone market. He then went on to become CTO of Sony Corporation of America.

Wiser is originally from Baltimore Maryland and graduated from Stanford University, University of Maryand, College Park, and Eastern Vocational Technical High School. He was the original bassist of the band, Child's Play. In 2012, Philp Wiser joined Hearst as the CTO. As of 2018, he changed company's and is now the CTO of CBS.


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