Philadelphia Chickens

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Philadelphia Chickens
Compilation album by Sandra Boynton and Various Artists
Released 2002
Recorded Daisey Lane Studio, Malvern, PA
The Barn, Sailsbury, CT
The Hit Studio, NYC
The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT
The Lake House, Taconic, CT
Triple Z Studio, NYC
Genre Children's music
Length 48:12
Label Rounder Kids
Sandra Boynton chronology
Rhinoceros Tap
Philadelphia Chickens
Dog Train

Philadelphia Chickens is a book/music CD combination by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford, published in 2002. It was nominated for a Grammy.[1] The first half of the book contains lyrics and illustrations, while the second half contains musical notation for each song.[2] It was reviewed favorably by the Philadelphia Inquirer[3] and was also reviewed by Publishers Weekly.[2]


Title Performer Style
1 Cows The Seldom Herd Broadway chorus line
2 Nobody Understands Me Meryl Streep Slow jazz
3 Philadelphia Chickens The Bacon Brothers Swing
4 Be Like A Duck Keith Boynton
5 Please, Can I Keep it Laura Linney
6 Snuggle Puppy Eric Stoltz
7 I Like To Fuss Patti LuPone Broadway
8 Snoozers The Bacon Brothers Folk song
9 Faraway Cookies Caitlin McEwan Torch song
10 The Intermission Song! Aaaardvarks Barbershop quartet
11 Fifteen Animals John Stey
12 Belly Button (Round) The Heath Sisters New Age
13 BusyBusyBusy Kevin Kline Patter song / Gilbert and Sullivan
14 Those Dinosaur Blues Michael Ford Blues
15 Dinosaur, Dinosaur Darcy Boynton Jump-rope rhyme
16 Jump Rope Jive Beth Andrien Andrews Sisters
17 Pig Island Scott Bakula Jimmy Buffett / Calypso
18 Pajama Time Adam Bryant Elvis Presley / Bubblegum Pop
19 Silly Lullaby Natasha Richardson Lullaby
20 Philadelphia Chickens (instrumental reprise)


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