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Philadelphia Liberty Medal
Bill Clinton and Steven Spielberg at the 2009 ceremony

The Liberty Medal is an annual award administered by the National Constitution Center of the United States to recognize leadership in the pursuit of freedom. It was founded by the Philadelphia Foundation. In 2006 an agreement was made with the National Constitution Center (NCC) that the NCC would take over the organizing, selecting and presenting of the award to recipients. Recipients are now chosen by the NCC and its Board of Trustees.[1]

List of recipients[edit]

Year Country Name
2017  United States John McCain
2016  United States John Lewis (Georgia politician)
2015  Tibet 14th Dalai Lama
2014  Pakistan Malala Yousafzai [2]
2013  United States Hillary Clinton
2012  United States Muhammad Ali[3]
2011  United States Robert Gates
2010  United Kingdom Tony Blair
2009  United States Steven Spielberg
2008  Russia Mikhail Gorbachev[4]
2007  Ireland Bono
 United Kingdom DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa)
2006  United States George H. W. Bush
 United States Bill Clinton
2005  Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko
2004  Afghanistan Hamid Karzai [5][6]
2003  United States Sandra Day O'Connor
2002  United States Colin Powell
2001  Ghana Kofi Annan
2000  United States Dr. James D. Watson
 United Kingdom Dr. Francis Crick
1999  South Korea Kim Dae Jung
1998  United States George J. Mitchell
1997  United States CNN International
1996  Jordan King Hussein
 Israel Shimon Peres
1995  Japan Sadako Ogata
1994  Czechoslovakia Václav Havel
1993  South Africa Nelson Mandela
Frederik Willem de Klerk
1992  United States Thurgood Marshall
1991  Costa Rica Óscar Arias Sánchez
  Switzerland Médecins Sans Frontières
1990  United States Jimmy Carter
1989  Poland Lech Wałęsa

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