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Philadelphia Parking Authority
Agency overview
JurisdictionCity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Headquarters701 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106[1]
Coordinates: 39°57′21″N 75°11′07″W / 39.95581°N 75.185357°W / 39.95581; -75.185357
Agency executives

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) is an agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that manages many parking operations for Philadelphia.[2] The PPA was created by the Philadelphia City Council on January 11, 1950 for the purpose of conducting research for management of off-street parking and to establish a permanent, coordinated system of parking facilities in the city.[3][4] Since then, the PPA's scope has expanded to include parking operations at the Philadelphia International Airport, most street-parking policy enforcement, and regulation and enforcement of taxicabs and limousines.[3]

The Parking Authority:

  • Generates needed revenue for the city
  • Coordinates the parking efforts of public agencies
  • Builds and operates public parking facilities
  • Does planning and analysis of parking requirements

to provide full parking services for Philadelphia residents, businesses and visitors.[4]

In popular culture it is the basis of the reality television show Parking Wars.


Off-street parking[edit]

Originally, the Parking Authority provided parking garages and parking lots, but various city departments were responsible for on-street parking.

On-street parking[edit]

In 1982, Philadelphia City Council was authorized by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to delegate certain powers formerly exercised by various city departments to the Parking Authority. In April, 1983, City Council transferred on-street parking responsibilities to the Authority.[4]

Functions transferred from the Streets Department:

  • Location, installation and maintenance of all parking meters throughout the city
  • Preparation of documentation to modify existing or implement new parking regulations, establishing time limits, loading zones, fire hydrant restrictions, reserved parking for people with disabilities, tow-away zones and residential permit parking
  • Preparation of work orders for parking regulations signs

Functions transferred from the Revenue Department:

  • Meter Collections

Functions transferred from the Police Department:

  • Issuance and processing of parking tickets
  • Towing of motor vehicles
  • Impoundment of motor vehicles

However, both Police Department officers and SEPTA supervisors can issue parking tickets.

Functions transferred from the Department of Licenses and Inspections:

  • Issuance of Loading Zone Permits
  • Administration of the Residential Parking Permit Program

A vast majority of revenue for On-Street parking for PPA is generated from ticketing violations (63%) and meter parking (29%). Other revenue categories comprise less than 9% of PPA's On-Street parking income.[5]


A program to "boot" repeat parking violation offenders was authorized by City Council in 1983.[4]

Taxicabs and limousines[edit]

The Authority was authorized by the General Assembly in July 2004 to regulate taxis and limousines operating in the city, and to adopt and enforce regulations for their operations.[4]

Pilot red light safety program[edit]

The Authority has been authorized by the General Assembly to administer a pilot red light enforcement program.[4] Cameras are installed at intersections with a high accident rate, and fines are imposed for motorists who run red lights. Notices are sent by mail to offenders, based on photos of license plates and the motorists themselves.[6]


PPA Executive Staff[edit]

  • Executive Director - Scott Petri
  • Deputy Executive Director – Richard Dickson
  • Deputy Executive Director – Corinne O'Connor
  • Board Chairman - Joseph T. Ashdale

Board Members[edit]

Originally, the Authority's Board of Directors was controlled by city officials, but the legislature, acting at the initiative of Representative John Perzel,[7] has shifted control to state officials, including the Governor and officers of the legislature.[8]


Year Assets Liabilities Net Assets
2014 $348,552,000.00 $236,017,000.00 $112,535,000.00[9]
2013 $358,504,000.00 $246,896,000.00 $110,260,000.00
2012 $367,825,000.00 $263,113,000.00 $104,712,000.00[10]
2011 $379,346,000.00 $281,646,000.00 $97,700,000.00
2010 $376,351,000.00 $282,787,000.00 $93,564,000.00[11]
2009 $379,974,000.00 $296,739,000.00 $83,235,000.00

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