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A Philadelphia roll with less commonly used raw salmon and cream cheese. Traditionally, the roll uses salmon.

A Philadelphia roll is a makizushi (also classified as a kawarizushi)[1] type of sushi generally made with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber.[2] It can also include other ingredients, such as other types of fish,[3] avocado,[4] scallions,[5] and sesame seed.


The name "Philly roll" is derived from the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand. Incorporating smoked salmon ("lox") and cream cheese in a sushi roll took this popular combination of ingredients from its use on a bagel when sushi increased in popularity in North America from the 1980s.

Nutrition information[edit]

Variations on traditional rolls like the Philly roll have been criticized for taking what was traditionally a healthy, low-fat food in its Japanese iteration (in which salmon would be raw and cream cheese nonexistent) and making it into a high-fat one. Traditional rolls do not contain dairy products.


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