Philip E. High

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Philip E. High
Born Philip Empson High
28 April 1914
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, UK
Died 9 August 2006(2006-08-09) (aged 92)
Canterbury, Kent, UK
Pen name B. J. Empson
Occupation Bus driver and Author
Language English
Citizenship United Kingdom
Period 1954-2006
Genre Science Fiction
Spouse Pamela Baker

Philip Empson High (28 April 1914 - 9 August 2006) was an English science fiction author.


Philip Empson High was born in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

His writing career spanned over 50 years before his death in Canterbury, Kent on 9 August 2006. He published some 14 novels and numerous short stories.

High made his name initially in the 1950s with a series of short stories for various magazines including Authentic Science Fiction, New Worlds Science Fiction and Nebula Science Fiction, and was voted "top discovery" in the Nebula readers' poll for 1956 (the "Guinea Prize").

A collection of his short stories, The Best of Philip E. High, was published in 2002.


  • The Prodigal Sun (1964)
  • No Truce With Terra (1964)
  • The Mad Metropolis (1966) (later reissued as Double Illusion (1970))
  • Reality Forbidden (1967)
  • These Savage Futurians (1967)
  • Twin Planets (1967)
  • The Time Mercenaries (1968)
  • Invader on My Back (1968)
  • Butterfly Planet (1971)
  • Come, Hunt an Earthman (1973)
  • Sold - For a Spaceship (1973)
  • Speaking of Dinosaurs (1974)
  • Fugitive from Time (1978)
  • Blindfold from the Stars (1979)

Short story collections[edit]

  • The Best of Philip E. High (2002)
  • Step to the Stars (2004)
  • Guilty as Charged: Fantastic Crime Stories (2013)

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