Philip II, Count of Nassau-Weilburg

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Philip II, Count of Nassau-Weilburg
Born14 March 1418
Died19 March 1492(1492-03-19) (aged 74)
Noble familyHouse of Nassau
Spouse(s)Margaret of Loon
John III
FatherPhilipp I of Nassau-Weilburg
MotherElisabeth of Lorraine-Vaudémont

Philip II, Count of Nassau-Weilburg (14 March 1418 – 19 March 1492 in Mainz) was Count of Nassau in Weilburg and shared briefly the regency of the County of Saarbrücken.


Philip was a son of Philip I (1368 – 1429), and grandson of John I, Count of Nassau-Weilburg (1309 – 1371), with his second wife, Elisabeth of Lorraine-Vaudémont (c. 1395 – 1456).

In 1429, he succeeded his father as count of Nassau-Weilburg, jointly with his brother Johann II ("John"). Their mother was the regent until 1438, when Philip reached majority, but an arrangement was made to provide for their mother. In 1442, the brothers decide to divide the counties: Johann II received Saarbrücken with Seigneurie of Commercy Château bas (this Nassau-Saarbrücken line died out in 1574) and Philip II received Weilburg (this Nassau-Weilburg line died out in the male line in 1912; however, it was continued in the female line to this day). Ownership of the possessions in the Palatinate (Dannenfels, Stauf, Kirchhein, Altenbamberg, Wöllstein) would be shared between the two lines. Their sisters married lords and did not parttake in the inheritance.

Philip II died on 19 March 1492, and was succeeded by his grandson, Louis I.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Philip married Margrete of Loon-Heinsberg. She was a daughter of Johann III (d.b. 1441), Herr of Heinsberg (nl), great grandson of Gottfried (d. 1395), Count of Loon-Heinsberg but sold the county in 1362.

Philip and Margaret had two sons:

As a widower he married Veronika of Sayn-Wittgenstein, without issue.



Philip II, Count of Nassau-Weilburg
Born: 14 March 1418 Died: 19 March 1492
Preceded by
Philip I
Arms of Nassau.svg Count of Nassau-Weilburg
Succeeded by
Louis I