Philip III, Marquis of Namur

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Philip III, Marquis of Namur
Noble family House of Dampierre
Father John I, Marquis of Namur
Mother Mary of Artois
Born 1319
Died September 1337
Buried Franciscan church of Famagusta

Philip III of Namur (1319 – September 1337 in Famagusta) was Count of Namur from 1336 to 1337.

He was the fourth son of John I, Marquis of Namur, and Mary of Artois.

When his older brother Guy was killed in a tournament in Flanders in March 1336, Philip became his successor. At that time, Philip was in Sweden at the court of his sister Blanche of Namur, Queen consort of Sweden and Norway. From there he traveled to the Holy Land via Cyprus, with his brother-in-law Henry II of Vianden.

It is recorded that "Philippus comes Namucensis" (as he was called) donated property to St Alban, in accordance with the testament of "frater noster dominus Guido quondam comes Namucensis", by charter dated 23 Jun 1336.[1]

On his stop-over in Famagusta, he and his companions misbehaved so badly that the citizens of Famagusta decided to kill them all. Philip and the Count of Vianden were buried in the Franciscan church of Famagusta.[2]


Philip III, Marquis of Namur
Born: 1319 Died: September 1337
Preceded by
Guy II, Marquis of Namur
Marquis of Namur Namur Arms.svg
Succeeded by
William I


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