Philip II of Piedmont

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Philip II (1340 – 20 January 1368) was the Count of Piedmont and claimaint to the Principality of Achaea briefly from 1367 to his death.

He was a son of James of Piedmont and Sibylle des Baux . On 19 September 1362, he married Alix de Thoire de Villars, but he had no children. He succeeded James, but died within a year of that date, leaving his titles to his brother Amadeus. Its probable his paternity to Umberta a nun, (Filippina de Storgi) About him a tradition says that he was saved in 1368 by intercession of the Beaste Umberto of Savoie by a medal that he carried, he lived in Fatima in Spain, and possible died in 1418.