Philip I of Macedon

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Philip I
King of Macedon
Reign unknown
Predecessor Argaeus I
Spouse unknown
Issue Aeropus I
House (Ancient) Macedon
Dynasty Argead
Father Argaeus I
Mother unknown
Religion Ancient Greek religion

Philip I of Macedon (Greek: Φίλιππος Α΄ ὁ Μακεδών; from φίλος "friend" and ἵππος "horse") was one of the early kings of Macedon, a kingdom of ancient Greece. He was a member of the Argead dynasty and son of Argaeus I, becoming king upon his father's death.

As king, Philip was noted to be both wise and courageous. He resisted successive invasions by the Illyrians, but was eventually killed in battle against them, leaving the crown to his infant son, Aeropus I. Philip's wife is unknown.

Very little is known of Philip I due to his early status as a king of Macedon. However, his family line would eventually lead to Alexander the Great.


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Philip I
Argead dynasty
Royal titles
Preceded by
Argaeus I
King of Macedon Succeeded by
Aeropus I