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Philip J. Bone, from his book The Guitar and Mandolin.

Philip J. Bone (1873 in Luton – 17 June 1964 in Luton) was an English mandolinist and guitar player in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While his day-to-day work was as a teacher and music dealer, he is remembered today as the author of the book The Guitar and Mandolin: Biographies of Celebrated Players and Composers for These Instruments, published by Schott and Augener, London, 1914. He was also a Medallist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London. Other honours given him include being a medallist at the International Music Contests in Bologne, medallist in the International Music Contest in France (1st Prize Honours), and medalist of the I.U.M. in London. He conducted of the Luton Mandolin orchestra.[1][2][3]

Besides sheet music, Bone also sold musical instruments, as shown in this 1914 advertisement from the back of his book.

His book The Guitar and Mandolin is comprehensive look at the composers and players of these two instruments up to 1914. He advertised his book on his company letterhead in 1915, saying it was "the only compendium of invaluable information concerning these instruments", and "lives of 300 of the most celebrated players and composers. Facts hitherto unpublished."[4] In writing the book, Bone did not include people living at the time, as he felt that it was the job of future historians to decide who would be notable. The book contains biographies for composers and musicians throughout western Europe. Many of those in his book who were prominent have been forgotten today, and the book has information not readily available elsewhere. Later in 1953, Bone wrote to Vahdah Olcott-Bickford, who had assisted him with his book. He told her he had continued the research since his book was printed and was trying to get another edition published with his new information. He was having difficulty finding a publisher willing to take a risk on a new edition.[5]

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List of biographies in The Guitar and Mandolin[edit]

Name Page Portrait page Instrument Played Trivia
Abreu, Don A. 9 guitar wrote Method for playing perfectly the guitar, with five or six strings
Aguado, Dionisio 9 10 guitar
Aibl, Joseph 12 guitar
Aichelburg 12 mandolin
Aimon, Pamphile Leopold François 12 guitar, violin
Albaneze 13 guitar
Albrechtsberger 13 organ teacher to Beethoven
Alday 14 mandolin, violin
Allix 14 guitar executed 1664 for sorcery
Ambrosche, Joseph Charles 14 guitar
Duchess Amelia, Anna 15 guitar
Amon, Johann Andreas 15 guitar, violin, horn, piano
Anelli, Joseph 16 guitar author of New Method for the Guitar and History of the Guitar
Araciel, Don Diego, 17 violin, guitar
Armanini, Pietro 17 16 mandolin
Arnold, Johann Gottfried 18 cello, guitar
Arnold, Friedricii Wilhelm 19 piano, guitar
Arnold, Charles 20 piano, guitar
Arrevalo, Miguel S. 20
Asioli, Bonifacio 20 piano, mandolin, bass, guitar
Baillon, Pierre Joseph 20 guitar author of New Method for the Guitar
Baillot, Pierie Maria Francois de Sales 20 violin
Barco, Va 21 guitar
Bathioli, Francois 21 guitar
Bertioli, Alex 22 guitar author of Complete Method for the Guitar and Forty-four Progressive Lessons
Baumbach, Frederick August 22 guitar, mandolin
Bayer, Anton 22 22 flute, guitar
Bayer, Edward 23 22 guitar, zither pseudonym A. Caroli
Beethoven, Ludwig van 25 piano, mandolin, violin picture of Beethoven's mandolin page 26
Bellenghi, Giuseppe 33 32 violincello, mandolin published Method for the Mandolin in four languages
Beniezki, S. 35 guitar, harp-guitar invented the "harpolyre" (harp-guitar) and the "aclipolyra" (double-bass guitar)
Benzon, Siegfried 35 guitar, violin
Berard, Jean Batiste 35 guitar, singer
Berggreen, Andreas Peter 36 guitar, voice
Berlioz, Hector 36 36 guitar, cello, violin picture of Berlioz/Paganini guitar page 40
Bevilaqua, M. 40 guitar, flute
Birnbach, Henry August 40 guitar, violincello, piano created a guitar with detachable neck and fingerboard
Blum, Carl Ludwig 42 guitar Composer to the Court of the King of Prussia
Borowicz, J. N. 45 guitar
Boccherini, Luigi 47 violincello
Boom, Jan van 50 flute
Bornhardt, J.H.C. 50 guitar, piano
Bortolazzi, Bartolomeo 51 50 mandolin
Bott, J.J. 52 violin, guitar
Boulley (Du), Aubery Prudent Louis 53 guitar
Bracco C.A. 55 54 mandolin, violin
Brand, Alexander 56 56 guitar
Brand J.P. de 56 author of Sonata in C. major for guitar and violin
Branzoli, Giuseppe 57 violin, mandolin, guitar Theoretical and practical method for the mandolin (1875)
Brecneo, Luis 58 guitar
Bremner, Robert 58 guitar
Brunet, Pierre 59 mandore, mandola, mandolin author of Tablature de Mandore
Burgmuller, Frederick 59 piano, guitar
Butignot, Alphonse 59 guitar
Buttinger, Charles Conrad 60 violin, flute, guitar, piano
Calegari, Francesco 60 guitar
Caliginoso 60 guitar Stage name Caliginoso has been identified as Giovanni Paulo Foscarini.
Call, (De) Leonard 61 mandolin, guitar
Call, Thomas 62 guitar, harpsichord, organ
Camerloher, Placidus von 62 guitar, violin
Campion, Francois 63 guitar, lute
Carbonchi, Antonio 63 guitar
Carcassi, Matteo 63 62 guitar
Carulli, Ferdinando 67 66 guitar picture of Carulli's guitar, page 70
Castellacci, Luigi 72 mandolin, guitar
Chevesailles 73 author of New Method for the Guitar and Petite Méthode de Violin
Chrysander, William Christian 73 guitar
Cifolelli, Giovanni 73 mandolin
Corbetti, Francisco 74 guitar
Cornet, Julius 74 guitar, vocalist
Costa, Pasquale Mario 76 playwright
Coste, Napoleon 77 guitar Picture of his guitar, page 78
Craeijvanger, Karel Arnoldus 78 guitar, violin
Cristofaro, Ferdinando, de 78 80 mandolin
Darr, Adam 81 82 guitar, zither
Della Maria, Domenico 83 mandolin
Denis Pierre 85 mandolin Also known as Pietro Denis
Denza, Luigi 85 mandolin, voice
Derosiers, Nicolas 86 guitar
Derwort, George Henry 86 guitar
Diabelli, Anton 86 guitar, piano
Doche, Joseph Denis 90 guitar, violin, double bass vaudeville composer
Doisy, Charles 90 guitar, violin also known as Doisy Lintant
Dorn, James 91 horn, guitar
Dotzauer, Justus Johann Friedrich 92 guitar, piano, double bass, violincello, violin
Dragonetti, Domenico 93 double bass, guitar, violin
Drouet, Louis François Philippe 95 guitar, flute
Dubez, John 95 mandolin, harp, guitar, zither
Edel, George 96 guitar, violin
Ehlers, William 96 guitar, voice
Ellis, Herbert J. 96 96 mandolin, guitar books Tutor for Mandoin, Thorough School for Guitar, Thorough School for Mandolin
Ernst, Franz Anton 98 violin, guitar performer, instrument maker, composer Franz_Anton_Ernst Franz Anton Ernst
Eulenstein, Carl 99 100 violin, guitar, flute, jewsharp, French horn Karl Eulenstein (Musiker)
Farbach, Joseph 101 guitar Joseph Fahrbach
Ferandiere, Don Ferdinando 102 106 guitar Fernando Ferandier
Ferranti, Marc Aurelio Zani de 102 guitar
Ferrer, Manuel Y 106 guitar Born in California. Played Spanish guitar
Fiorillo, Federigo 108 mandolin, violin
Fischof, Joseph 109 guitar, piano
Fouchetti, Giovanni 110 Also known as Fouquet
Fridzeri, Alexandro Marie Antoin 110 Also known by last name "Frixer"
Fürstenau 112 A family of musicians, including Kaspar Fürstenau, Anton Bernhard Fürstenau, Moritz Fürstenau
Gade, Niels Wilhelm 114 guitar, violin, pianoforte
Gambara, Carlo Antonio 114 mandolin
Gansbacher, John 114 organ, piano, guitar, cello
Garat, Pierre Jean 117 guitar, voice
Garcia, Manuel del Popolo–Vicente 117 voice, guitar Father of a family of musicians, including Manuel García (baritone)
Gassner, Ferdinand Simon 119 voice, violin, guitar
Gatayes, Guillaume Pierre Antoine 119 guitar, harp
Gaude, Theodore 120 guitar, flute
Geminiani, Francesco 121 violin, guitar
Genlis, Félicité Stephanie, Countess de 122 harp, guitar
Giardini, Felice de 122 voice, violin, guitar
Gilles, Henri Noel 123 oboe, guitar Brother to Peter Gilles
Giuliani, Mauro 124 124 guitar "one of the greatest, if not the greatest guitar virtuoso the world has ever known"
Glaeser, Charles Gotthilf 131 violin, guitar
Gollmick, Carl 131 voice, guitar, piano Carl Gollmick
Göpfert, Carl Andreas 132 132 piano, organ, guitar, clarinet, other woodwinds
Götz, Alois Joseph 133 134 guitar, violin
Gouglet, Pierre Marie 134 organ, guitar
Gounod, Charles 134 piano, guitar Picture of Gounod's guitar, page 136
Graeffer, Antoine 136 guitar
Gragani, Filippo 137 guitar
Granata, Giovanni Battista
Grétry, André Ernest Modeste 137
Gruber, Franz 140 organ, guitar
Guichard, Francis 141 guitar
Handel, George Frederick 141 spinet, organ, violin, oboe, harpsichord
Harder, August 144 guitar, piano
Haslinger Tobias 145 guitar music publisher and composer. Tobias Haslinger
Hauptmann, Moritz 146 violin, guitar
Hauschka, Vincent 147 mandolin, violin Last name also "Hauska". Composed for mandolin, violincello
Held, Bruno 147 flute, guitar
Held, John Theobald 147 voice, guitar
Henkel, Michel 148 guitar, organ, piano
Himmel Friedrich Heinrich 148 guitar
Holland, Justin 149 guitar African-American music teacher
Horetzky, Felix 149 guitar
Hucke, George H. 152 152 mandolin
Huerta, y Katurla Don A. F. 152 154 guitar, voice
Hummel, Johan Nepomuk 155 160 pianoforte, guitar, mandolin
Hünten, Franz 160 piano, guitar
Hünten, Peter Ernest 161 piano, guitar brother to Franz Hünten
Janon, Charles De 161 162 guitar, violin, piano agent for C.F. Martin & Co.
Jansa, Leopold 162 violin, guitar, glute
Joly 162 guitar, violin Joly's great tutor for the guitar published 1793. Died 1819.
Kapeller, Johann Nepomuk 163 guitar, flute
Keller, Karl 163 flute, guitar
Klage, Charles 163 guitar, piano
Klier, Josef 164 guitar
Klingenbrunner, Wilhelm 164 guitar, flute
Knize, Franz Max 164 guitar
Kohler, Henry 165 flute, guitar, piano
Korner, Theodore 165 168 poetry, guitar
Kraus 168 guitar, violin
Krebs, Franz Xaver 168 voice, guitar
Kreutzer, Conradin 168 guitar
Kreutzer, Joseph 169 guitar
Krumpholz, Wenzel 169 mandolin brother to Johann Baptist Krumpholz (harpist and composer)
Kucharz, Johann Baptist 170 organ, mandolin
Kuffner, Joseph 170 172 guitar, violin
Kuhnel, Frederick 174 guitar
Kummer, Gaspard 174 guitar, flute, voice
Labarre, Trille 175 guitar
Lang, Alexander 175 guitar, piano
Laurentiis, Carmine de 175 Mandolin
Lebedeff, Vasiliĭ Petrovich 176 176 guitar VIAF 47189366
Ledhuy, Adolf 176 guitar
Leduc, Alphonse 177 guitar, bassoon, piano part of a musical family and music publish business
Legnani, Luigi 177 guitar friend to guitarist and music publisher Maximilian Josef Leidesdorf
Leidesdorf, Maximilian Joseph 179 guitar, piano music publisher, friend of Franz Schubert and Beethoven
Leite, Antonio da Silva 179 guitar
Lemoine, Antoine Marcel 180 guitar, violin, viola music publisher
Lenau, Nicolas 181 poetry, guitar, violin picture of his guitar page 182
Leone 182 mandolin, violin
Le Roy, Adrian 182 lute, guitar, voice wrote A short and easy instruction book for the guiterne or guitar 1578
Lfleche 183 guitar
L'Hoyer, Antoine 183 guitar
Lickl, Aegidius Carl 183 guitar, piano
Light, Edward 184 guitar invented a harp-lute and a dital-harp
Lincke, Joseph 184 violincello, guitar
Lintant, Charles 185 violin, guitar
Litzius, C 186 guitar
Lorenz, Friedrich August 186 violin, guitar, bassoon
Lully, Jean Baptiste 187 guitar, violin
Magnien, Victor 187 violin, guitar Victor Magnien
Mahler,Gustav 189
Malibran, Maria Felicita 189 voice, guitar, piano
Mara, Gertrude Elisabeth 190 violin, guitar, voice
Marschner, Heinrich 191 voice, guitar
Mascheroni, Angelo 193 mandolin, guitar, voice
Matiegka, Wenzel 194 guitar
Mattera, Belisario 194 mandolin
Mayseder, Joseph 194 196 violin, guitar
Meissonnier, Antoine and Joseph 196 guitar brothers, music publishing and guitar player
Merchi, Giacomo 198 mandolin, guitar
Merk, Joseph 199 violincello, violin, guitar, voice
Merrick, Arnold 199 guitar, organ
Mertz, Johann Kaspar 200 guitar
Methfessel, Albert Gottlieb 207 guitar
Miksch 208 voice, guitar
Mirecki, Francois 208 piano, guitar
Molino, Don Francois V. 209 guitar, violin
Molitor, J. 210 guitar not Molitor, Simon J. (1766–1848)
Montesardo, Giacomo 210 guitar
Moscheles, Ignaz 210 piano, guitar
Mounsey, Elizabeth 213 guitar, organ
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 214 mandolin
Munier Carlo 218 220 mandolin grand nephew of Pasquale Vinaccia of naples "the perfector of the modern Italian mandolin"
Mussini, Noël 222 guitar, violin, voice
Naumann, Johann Gottlieb 222 guitar
Nava, Antonio Maria 223 guitar, voice
Neuling, Vincent 225 mandolin Sonata for mandolin & piano in G major
Niedzielski, Joseph 225 guitar, violin
Nüske, J. A. 225 guitar
Oberleitner, Andrew 225 mandolin, guitar
Padovetz, Johann 226 guitar
Paganini, Nicolo 226 228 violin, mandolin, guitar
Paisiello, Giovanni 236 mandolin, voice
Payer, Hieronimous 238 piano, guitar, mandolin
Pelzer, Ferdinand 239 240 guitar Ferdinand_Pelzer
Petterletti, Pierre 240 guitar
Petzmayer, Johann 240 zither, guitar
Picchianti, Luigi 241 guitar
Pleyel, Ignaz Joseph 242 violin, piano, guitar music publisher; "first to publish Hayden's quartets"
Präger, Heinrich Aloys 243 violin, guitar
Pratten, Mdm. Sidney 244 244 guitar nee Catherina Josepha Pelzer, married Robert Sydney Pratten. Catherina Josepha Pratten
Pugnani, Gaetano 245 violin, guitar
Radziwil, Anton Heinrich 246 guitar, violincello nobility:Prince of, "Statthalter" of Posen
Regondi, Giulio 247 250 guitar, concertina
Rode, Jacques Pierre Joseph 253 violin, guitar
Rolla, Alessandro 254 piano, violin, guitar, viola
Romberg, Bernhard 255 violincello at least one composition that includes guitar
Romero, Luis T 256 guitar studied under Miguel S. Arrevalo
Roser von Reiter, Franz de Paula 256 guitar
Rossini, Gioachino Antonio 256 256 guitar inspired by Paganini's guitar playing
Rudersdorff, Joseph 258 violin, guitar
Rugion, Beuclair 258 guitar
Sagrini, Luigi 259 guitar
Salieri, Antonio 259 Composed with mandolin parts
Salomon, M. 261 guitar, harp-lyre, harpolyre
Salvayre, Gervais Bernard 261 organ, mandolin, guitar, piano
Scheidler, Christian George 262 guitar
Schenk Decker, F. 262 guitar guitar maker, son of Friedrich Schenk (a guitar luthier, forman in the workshop of Johann Georg Stauffer).
Schlick, Johann Conrad 263 cello, mandolin husband of Regina Strinasacchi
Schnaebel, Joseph Ignaz 264 violin, guitar, organ
Schneider, Charles Adam 265 266 guitar
Schubert, Franz Peter 265 guitar, violin, piano
Schulz, Leonard 268 guitar his brother Edward Schultz played piano for Beethoven as a child
Schumann, Frederic 270 guitar
Sczepanowski, Stanislous 270 guitar, cello
Sellner, Joseph 272 guitar, oboe
Percy Bysshe Shelley 272 guitar entry titled "Shelley's Guitar," includes his poem "With a Guitar"
Sivori, Ernesto Camillo 275 violin
Carlo Sodi 275 mandolin operatic composer
Sokolowski, Markus Danilowitsch 276 276 guitar friend of Nicolas Rubenstein
Sola, Charles Michel Alexis 277 guitar, flute
Ferdinand Sor 278 282 guitar
Sotos, Andre 286 guitar
Soussmann, Henry 287 flute, violin, guitar
Spina, Andre 287 guitar
Spinelli, Niccola 287 composed for mandolin in opera A basso porto, the part called Intermezzo for mandolins and orchestra
Spohr, Louis 288 violin composed for violin, guitar, viola, cello, bass
Stegmayer, Ferdinand 290 guitar, violin, piano
Steibelt, Daniel 290 piano, harpsichord, guitar
Stoessel, Nicolas 291 voice, piano, organ, flute, violin, guitar
Stoll, Franz Paul 292 guitar
Straube, Rudolph 292 guitar, harpsichord
Strauss, Franz 292 guitar, French horn
Strobel, Valentin 293 lute, mandolin
Sussmayer, Franz Xaver 293 guitar
Sychra, Andreas Ossipovich 293-294 guitar Method for the guitar of seven strings
Tarrega, Francisco 294 294 Method for the guitar of seven strings, taught the virtuosi Pujol and Llobet
Thompson, Thomas Perronet 294-295 guitar enharmonic guitar
Triebensee, Joseph 295 oboe, guitar
Vailati, Giovanni 296 295-296 Lombardy mandolin
Verdi, Giuseppe 296 composer mandolin and guitar...manifested an active interest in the advancement

of these instruments

Verini, Phillipe Raphael Jean Baptiste 297 guitar, vocalist, composer method: First riders of a Spanish guitar
Vidal, B. 297 guitar, composer
Vimercati, Pietro 298 mandolin early mandolin virtuoso, toured Europe early 1800s
Wanczura, Joseph 299 guitar, piano, composer
Wanhall, John Baptist 299 violin, guitar, composition alt. Vanhall. no less

than a hundred symphonies, a like number of quartets, numerous masses and other church music, much piano music and many compositions for the guitar

Wassermann, Heinrich 300 violin, guitar
Weber, Carl Maria 300 300-306 guitar, piano, composer founder of German opera. author of more than ninety songs with guitar accompaniment, and in addition, many compositions for the guitar in combination with other instruments.
Weber, Gotfried 306-308 composer, musical theorist, guitar, flute, piano, violin-cello close friend of Carl Maria Weber
Wyssotzki, Michael Th. 308 308 7-string guitar pupil of the great virtuoso Sychra,
Zumsteeg, Johann Rudolf 308 violin-cello, guitar
Bertucci, Constantino 310 309 mandolin, guitar method: Method for the mandolin, in three parts
Donizetti, Gaetano 310 opera composer wrote for the guitar
Hummel, J. N. 310-312 opera composer writes for guitar; Concerto for the mandolin