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In a writing career spanning more than 60 years (1946–2008), science fiction and fantasy author Philip José Farmer (1918–2009) published almost 60 novels, over 100 short stories and novellas (many expanded or combined into novels), two "fictional biographies", and numerous essays, articles and ephemera in fan publications.[1]

Novel series[edit]

World of Tiers[edit]


  1. To Your Scattered Bodies Go (1971) ISBN 0-345-41967-7
  2. The Fabulous Riverboat (1971) ISBN 0-345-41968-5
  3. The Dark Design (1977) ISBN 0-345-41969-3
  4. The Magic Labyrinth (1980) ISBN 0-89370-258-7
  5. Gods of Riverworld (1983) ISBN 0-345-41971-5

Herald Childe[edit]

  1. Image of the Beast (1968) (erotic novel) ISBN 1-902197-24-0
  2. Blown: or Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind (1969) (erotic novel) ISBN 0-586-06211-4
  3. [The third book in the series was never-written, but it can be inferred that Herald Childe became amnesiac in it.]
  4. Traitor to the Living (1973) ISBN 0-345-23613-0 (non-erotic novel featuring Herald Childe)
  • Image of the Beast (Playboy, 1979) (omnibus edition of Image of the Beast and Blown)


  1. Dayworld (1985) ISBN 0-399-12967-7
  2. Dayworld Rebel (1987) ISBN 0-441-14002-5
  3. Dayworld Breakup (1990) ISBN 0-8125-0889-0

"Straight" Tarzan books[edit]


The Khokarsa series, featuring a character named John Gribardsun (in Time's Last Gift) and Sahhindar (in Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar), who is hinted, but never stated, to be an immortal Tarzan time-traveling from the future to before 10,000 BC.

Secrets of the Nine (Lord Grandrith & Doc Caliban)[edit]

Alternate and renamed versions of Tarzan and Doc Savage as half-brothers involved in a world-ruling conspiracy.

Fictional biographies[edit]

Other novels[edit]

Co-authored novels:

Story collections[edit]

Short fiction[edit]

Anthologies edited by Farmer[edit]

  • Mother Was A Lovely Beast: A Feral Man Anthology, Fiction And Fact About Humans Raised By Animals (1974) ISBN 0-8019-5964-0
  • Tales of Riverworld (1992) ISBN 0-446-36269-7
  • Quest to Riverworld (1993) with uncredited co-editors Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg, and Edward E. Kramer ISBN 0-446-36270-0



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