Philip Joseph, Prince of Salm-Kyrburg

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Philip Joseph, Prince of Salm-Kyrburg
Spouse(s) Princess Maria Theresa van Hornes
Noble family House of Salm
Father Hendrik Gabriel Joseph of Salm-Kyrburg
Mother Princess Maria Theresia de Croÿ
Born 1709
Died 1779

Philip Joseph, Prince of Salm-Kyrburg (1709–1779) was the first prince of Salm-Kyrburg, from 1743 to 1779. He was the second son of Hendrik Gabriel Joseph, regent of Salm-Kyrburg from 1696 to 1716, and his wife Princess Maria Theresia de Croÿ. He had an elder brother, John, and a sister, Henriëtte (who married Maximilian, Prince van Hornes, who already had two daughters from a previous marriage, the eldest of whom later married Philip Joseph).

He was the first prince of Salm-Kyrburg. The Salm-Mörchingen family lost the titles of "Wildgrave of Dhaun" and "Rhinegrave of Stein" in 1681, when they lacked a male successor.[citation needed] Salm-Kyrburg was from then on run by regents on their behalf. Philip Joseph reigned with his brother John from 1716. When Salm-Kyrburg again arose, this time as a principality, Philip Joseph became its first prince.

He married in 1742 princess Maria Theresa van Hornes, who was made her father's sole heir in 1794, with his titles and country estates thus passing to the princes of Salm-Kyburg.[citation needed] Emanuel's other daughter, Princess Elisabeth van Hornes, widow of Gustaaf Adolf, Prince of Stolberg-Gedern and mother of Charles Edward Stuart's wife Louise, agreed to this without protest.[citation needed]

Philip Joseph and Maria Theresa had 10 children, including a pair of twins: