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The Philip Palace seen from the Triple Bridge. A small portion of the Kresija Palace can be seen on the left.

Philip Mansion (Slovene: Filipov dvorec) is a building in central Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is located along the Ljubljanica River, at the corner of Cankar Embankment (Cankarjevo nabrežje) and Stritar Street (Stritar Street), next to the Triple Bridge. On the other side of Stritar Street stands the Kresija Palace. The two buildings mark the entry into the town's medieval part under Ljubljana Castle.[1]

The two buildings were designed after the 1895 Ljubljana earthquake by the Graz architect Leopold Theyer and completed in 1898. It was built by the tradesman Filip Schreyer.[1] The Philip Mansion is distinguished by a Renaissance Revival style.[1] It is said that the small spires on its façades were built at the explicit demand of Mayor Hribar, who was known to be an admirer of Czech culture and wanted Ljubljana to resemble Prague, the "city of a hundred spires". However, the more probable explanation is that the spires were meant to serve as a reminder of the town gates in the old defensive wall that stood in their place.[2]


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Coordinates: 46°3′3.08″N 14°30′22.49″E / 46.0508556°N 14.5062472°E / 46.0508556; 14.5062472