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The board of directors of the Theatre Guild (from left): Lawrence Langner, Philip Moeller, Theresa Helburn, Maurice Wertheim, Helen Westley, Lee Simonson (1923)

Philip Moeller (26 August 1880 – 26 April 1958) was an American stage producer and director, playwright and screenwriter, born in New York where he helped found the short-lived Washington Square Players and then with Lawrence Langner and Helen Westley founded the Theatre Guild.[1]

He was educated at New York University and Columbia University.

Directing career[edit]

Among plays he directed for the Theatre Guild were:


  • Helena's Husband (1915) one-act play for Washington Square Players on its opening night 4 October 1915[2]
  • Madame Sand - a biographical comedy (1917)
  • The Roadhouse in Arden (1917)
  • Pokey (1918)
  • Two blind beggars and one less blind: a tragic comedy in one act (1918)
  • Sophie - a comedy (1919)
  • Caprice - adaptation of three-act play by Austrian writer Sil-Vara (pseudonym of Geza Silberer) in 1929.


This filmography is believed to be complete.


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