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Philip Reese Uhler (3 June 1835, Baltimore – 21 October 1913) was an American librarian and entomologist who specialised in Heteroptera.


He was educated at Harvard University where he was taught by Louis Agassiz. In 1864 he was appointed head of the insect museum and library in the Museum of Comparative Zoology Harvard. Subsequently he returned to Baltimore, and in 1876 he became an associate in natural sciences at Johns Hopkins University. He was also librarian of the Peabody Library in Baltimore. Uhler made collecting trips to Haiti and the Western U.S.A . He made many study trips to European insect museums.

He was corresponding secretary and was elected president of the Maryland Academy of Sciences in 1873. His papers on geology, entomology, and other natural sciences were published in the journals of most of the learned societies of the United States and Canada, in the annual reports to the trustees of Harvard, and as special reports in the volumes of the U. S. Geological Survey. He translated and edited, with a glossary, Dr. Hermann A. Hagen's Synopsis of Neuroptera of North America, issued by the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, 1861).


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