Philip of Agira

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Philip of Agira
Ottava di San Filippo d'Agira a Limina - Province of Messina, Sicily, Italy - Sunday 19 May 2013.jpg
San Filippo d'Agira celebrated at Limina, Sicily, the 11–12 and third Sunday of May
Born 1st century or 5th century
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 12 May
Patronage Agira
United States Army Special Forces

Saint Philip of Agira (also Aggira, Agirone, Agirya or Argira) was an early Christian confessor. There are two parallel stories of this saint which give to possible dates in which this saint lived. Traditionally, through the writings of St. Athanasius, it is maintained that Philip of Agira is a saint of the 1st century, born in the year AD 40 in Cappadocia (modern Turkey) and died on 12 May, AD 103.

Another recent study says to have been born of a Syrian father in Thrace on an unknown date in the 5th century whose elder brothers drowned whilst fishing. Philip was known as the "Apostle of the Sicilians", as he was the first Christian missionary to visit that island. Nothing else can be certainly stated about him.

His feast day is 12 May,[1] and he is naturally, patron saint of the city of Agira, Sicily, and of the city of Ħaż-Żebbuġ, Malta, he is celebrated also in the town of Limina, Sicily, where he also lived. Philip is one of the patron saints of the United States Army Special Forces and also known for his power of accomplish exorcisms[2].[3]