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Philipp Foltz

Philipp Foltz (11 May 1805 – 5 August 1877) was a German historical painter, born at Bingen. He was the pupil of his father, Ludwig Foltz, and studied at Munich under Cornelius, whom he assisted with the frescoes in the Glyptothek. Afterward he decorated the Schiller Salon in the new Royal palace. He became professor (1870) and later director of the Academy of Munich. Amongst his latest works were two large paintings for the Maximilianeum: Frederick Barbarossa and Henry the Lion, and Pericles Attacked by Cleon. His pictures include two large hunting scenes for Maximilian II; The Singer's Curse (Munich Pinakothek); Götz von Berlichingen (Vienna Gallery); and King Otho Leaving Munich for Greece, a fine cartoon. His pictures are good in composition and careful in execution, but conventional in form and dry in color.

He died at Munich.

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