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Philipp Jakob Sachs as depicted in Miscellanea Curiosa Medico-Physica Academiae Naturae Curiosorum (1676)

Philipp Jakob Sachs[1] (26 August 1627, Breslau- 7 January 1672, Breslau) was a German physician, naturalist, and editor of Ephemerides Academiae naturae curiosorum, the first ever learned journal in the field of medicine and natural history. He was a state physician in Breslau, and one of the founders of the Academia Naturae Curiosorum (Leopoldina).

His works include the 1665 Gammarologia, on crabs.


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External links[edit]

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  • Ohry A, Frydman M. In one of Philipp Jakob Sachs von Lewenhaimb's (1627-1672) books, one may find perhaps the first illustration of a child with the split hand/split foot malformation. A short historical note and some clinical genetic data are given.
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