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Phil Wachsmann in 2007.

Philipp John Paul Wachsmann (born 5 August 1944)[1] is an African avant-garde jazz/jazz fusion violinist born in Kampala, Uganda, probably better known for having founded his own group Chamberpot.[1] He has worked with many musicians in the free jazz idiom, including Tony Oxley, Fred van Hove, Barry Guy, Derek Bailey and Paul Rutherford, among many others.[1] Wachsmann is especially known for playing within the electronica idiom.[2]


  • Chamberpot with Richard Beswick, Simon Mayo, Tony Wren (Bead, 1976)
  • Sparks of the Desire Magneto with Richard Beswick, Tony Wren (Bead, 1977)
  • Improvisations Are Forever Now (Vinyl Records, 1978)
  • For Harm with Harry de Wit (Bead, 1979)
  • Hello Brenda! with Richard Beswick (Bead, 1981)
  • Writing in Water (Bead, 1985)
  • Ellispontos (J.n.d., 1986)
  • The Glider & The Grinder with Tony Oxley (Bead, 1987)
  • Eleven Years from Yesterday with Peter Jacobsen, Ian Brighton, Marcio Mattos, Trevor Taylor (Bead, 1988)
  • Icarus with Roger Curphy, Mark Wastell, Carol Ann Jackson, Trevor Taylor (FMR, 1995)
  • Some Other Season with Paul Lytton (ECM, 1999)
  • August Steps with Teppo Hauta-Aho (Bead, 2000)
  • Wazahugy with Charlotte Hug, Ivar Grydeland & Ingar Zach (Sofa, 2002)
  • The Needles with Evan Parker, Teppo Hauta-aho (Leo, 2002)
  • Refractions in Air with Michael Bunce (Bead, 2003)
  • Zero Plus with Aurora Josephson, Jacob Lindsay, Damon Smith, Martin Blume (Balance Point Acoustics, 2003)
  • 888 with Evan Parker, Hugh Davies, Eddie Prevost (FMR, 2003)
  • Apparitions with Stan Adler, Paul Chauncy, Jon Lloyd, Rob Palmer (Leo, 2004)
  • Free Zone Appleby 2003 with Tony Coe, John Edwards, Alan Hacker, Sylvia Hallett, Marcio Mattos, Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler (psi, 2004)
  • Startle the Echoes with Matthew Hutchinson (Bead, 2004)
  • Expanded Botanics with Peter Ole Jorgensen, Jakob Riis (Ninth World Music, 2004)
  • Free Zone Appleby 2004 with Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton, Joel Ryan (psi, 2005)
  • Free Zone Appleby 2005 with Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler, Gerd Dudek, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, John Edwards, Tony Marsh, Tony Levin (psi, 2006)
  • Pacific 2003 with Martin Blume (Bead, 2005)
  • Cinc with Paul Lytton, Ken Vandermark (Okka Disk, 2006)
  • Refugium with Jorgensen, Riis (Ninth World Music, 2006)
  • Free Zone Appleby 2006 with Evan Parker, Rudi Mahall, Aki Takase, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Rutherford, Paul Lovens (psi, 2007)
  • St. Cyprians 3 with Howard Riley, Tony Wren (FMR, 2012)
  • Gateway '97 with Turner, Thomas, Frangenheim (Creative Sources, 2013)
  • Berlin Kinesis with Turner, Thomas, Frangenheim (Creative Sources, 2015)
  • Alizarin with Roger Turner (Bead, 2015)
  • Imagined Time with Paul Lytton (Bead, 2016)
  • Garuda with Lawrence Casserley (Bead, 2016)
  • A Trust in the Uncertain and a Willingness to Be Exposed with Emil Strandberg, Sten Sandell, Patric Thorman (Found You, 2017)
  • Reunion Live from Cafe Oto with Evan Parker, John Russell, Ian Brighton, Marcio Mattos, Trevor Taylor (FMR, 2017)

With Roscoe Mitchell

With Evan Parker


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