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Philippe-Sirice Bridel (also Philippe Cyriaque), known as le Doyen Bridel (born 20 November 1757 in Begnins, Bernese Vogtei of Nyon, died 20 May 1845 in Montreux, canton of Vaud, Swiss Confederation) was a man of letters, advocate of Swiss folklore, active during the development of Swiss national identity.

Bridel served as a pastor at Basle, Château-d'Oex and Montreux. He began writing poetry in 1782 and is considered the earliest Vaudois poet.[1] He is known for his work on Swiss history and linguistics, specifically for his glossary of the patois of French-speaking Switzerland, published posthumously in 1866.


  • 1789, Course de Bale a Bienne
  • 1791, Mélanges Hélvétiques Des Années 1787-1790
  • 1866, Glossaire du patois de la Suisse romande (ed. Louis Favrat) [1]

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