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Philippe Demard (born 1959 in Cherbourg, Normandy) is a French video-artist and designer.

Biography and works[edit]

In the movies he worked as cameraman with Eric Rohmer (Summer) Andrzej Wajda and as film editor with Paul Morrissey (who produced John Schabel's movie The actor’s Wife). He directed many video-pieces : "Trois Métamorphoses" with the dancer Leroy Cornwall, "Le Mur du Silence" with Laura Favalli, "Wave", "Variation Chromatique", "City Symphonies", "Contemplations", "Inferno"… A documentary : "Résurgence du Baroque" for Paris Première channel, A radio show  : "Cioran et la musique"for France Culture.

He created for the choreographer Philippe Jamet the video concept and the design of the installation : "Portraits Dansés, tour de France" (Theater of the Odéon, then tour in 15 cities in 2000) This concept was adapted many times since : "Portraits Dansés, le tour du Monde" (creation in 2002 at the Theater of the Odéon ; then toured in 14 countries)"Portraits Dansés, le tour du monde" was created during the first "Nuit Blanche" in Paris and in Rome, then shown at the Venice Biennale in 2003. At last « Portraits dansés, Enfants du Monde » (2006) and « Portraits dansés l’Europe à Paris » (2008)

As video director he collaborated also with Philippe Jamet on the movies "Passages", "Danses, Villes, Sentiments" and on the show "Si loin, Si Proche" (2002 & 2003 at the Ferme du Buisson art center in Noisiel)

As film editor, he works with Gilles De Maistre (Oscar winner for « J’ai 10 ans et je fais la guerre »). And he edited the serie « Sin City Law » (directed by Rémy Burkel for Sundance TV) that was the continuing series award winner at the IDA festival 2008 in Los Angeles.

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